3 Steps to Building Your Wedding Hashtag

Wedding hashtags are no longer just a trend but a mainstay, now a part of every wedding planning to do list.

Besides being an easy way to have your guests feel like they’re part of your big day, and providing different views of your wedding, the hashtag also creates an online photo stream that all can enjoy both during and after the wedding.

But how do you even start to put one together?

To help you do this, we’ve put together a few tips for you to make an #awesome wedding hashtag:

Step 1 : Gather your crew

Intending to try doing this on your own? We say skip the potential stress and just sound out your close friends or family on possible hashtag ideas. You and your partner would most likely be too close to it, and besides, have a gazillion wedding planning things to think about.

You would be surprised how many good ideas you can get from a bit of brainstorming with good friends. They know the both of you well and would do a better job than any expert out there. Better yet, sound out the ones good with words and puns.

If you’d rather get help elsewhere, here are some free online resources to get you started (For 1 free hashtag made by humans: PetalandVeil, for computer-generated hashtags: eWedding). If you’re feeling generous, there are experts you can pay to come up with a hashtag for you too. (PetalandVeil, for smaller budgets – USD9 for 5 hashtags and Happily Ever #Hashtagged for bigger budgets – USD125 for 5 hashtags)


Step 2 : Make it yours

You will need to draw on all the resources you have to come up with something personal and unique to the both of you. So put together a list of your names, nicknames, things you like, and meaningful details like how long you’ve been together. Try combining these things to see what you come up with.

An animal-loving couple put their love for owls and whales together for the cutest hashtag #OwlWhaleLoveYouForever. While couples also put their names together (without any mention of a wedding) so that they can use it to continue documenting their life together after the wedding.

Get some inspiration juice from other couples’ creative wedding hashtags here and here.


Step 3 : Simple is better than “Wait, what is the hashtag again?”

Don’t be afraid to keep your hashtag simple.

You want to make sure it is easy to spell, type and most of all memorable. Something that is easily misspelled or is hard to remember may end up with pictures being wrongly tagged and defeat the purpose of having a hashtag in the first place.


Check it then share it!

Before you share it with the world, don’t forget to drop your hashtag in Instagram’s search to see if anyone else has already used it. More than making sure your hashtag will only have your pictures, you don’t want to make the mistake of hijacking another couple’s wedding hashtag.

Then share it far and wide to build the hype. Use it on your wedding prep posts, get your wedding party on board with it, put it in your Save the Dates, print it on your invitations and incorporate it into your wedding décor. Here are some stylish ways you can do that.

Of course, there are downsides to having a hashtag (7 Risks of Hashtagging your Wedding). But as long as you’re aware of this, the benefits do still outweigh the risks.

Happy hashtagging!

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