He says: Road Trip Happenings.. (Part II)


I love the warm and fuzzy feeling, all the way needs is love. Don't u think so?
I love the warm and fuzzy feeling. All u need is love love love, love is all u need. Don’t u think so?

So after setting up our joint account and having our lunch at the Ang Mo Kio Hub, we proceeded to our next checkpoint: 39 East Photography at Haji Lane. This is a pretty cool studio, with very good photographers located in a hip street.

Haji Lane is one of those places that cool, indie ppl goes to look for some clothes and stuff.. the truth is, I don’t know it well enough to give it a good intro. Oh well, what the heck, just know it’s a nice place.

In terms of photojournalism, this place can be considered one with premium quality yet competitive prices. There are 3 photographers in the studio, CK (I think the leader), Eng Hong (the experienced old-timer and partner-in-crime) and Aloysius (the new guy). They are setting up a branch in California and CK will be relocated there soon, I think. Each of the photographers have their own style and when you contact them via email, they will let you know about the difference of each of the photographer.

A simple extract of their email on Aloysius:

“Aloysius. With a passion for images created by toy cameras and other unusual pieces of photographic equipment, Aloysius spices up his wedding photography by using cameras from his toy camera collection in addition to his digital capture.”
Hence each of them has their own weapons such as toy cameras for Aloysius, while Eng Hong’s is predominately digital style. We met Aloysius as the rest were on overseas assignments (Eng Hong was in Greece or Paris I think, but either place is cool!) [Side-note: I noticed I used ‘cool’ way too many times in this post. Not good. I need to increase my vocabulary]. He is indeed down-to-earth and friendly, making us feel warm by politely offering us drinks and views of the various portfolio. The good thing is he actually showed us different pictures from all 3 so that we could sample works from all 3 photographers. The reason we choose Feldberyl over them is not the quality of the photos, but the feel and moment-capturing vibe which Hellen felt Wansheng could bring. In essence, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the quality of 39 East’s photos. Art is very subjective, so it’s hard to pinpoint why one is better than the other. After meeting Wansheng and Aloysius and already being aware of Mindy’s work, we made a hard choice of choosing Wansheng based purely on ‘feeling’. But if you are looking for a photographer with a photojournalistic inclination, 39 East and Mindy Photographer are awesome choices too.
We left the photography leg of our day to proceed to the outdoor venue leg. On to Fort Canning!
Below are some of my personal favourites from Aloysius’ portfolio:


Always great to see a touching wedding... but I think mine will be too fun and funny to cry about...
Always great to see a touching wedding… but I think mine will be too fun and funny to cry about…


Incredible sky coupled with flowing veil.. Perfect!
Incredible sky coupled with flowing veil.. Perfect!
Inanimate objects and exude emotions too...
Inanimate objects can exude emotions too…
This guy's from my sec sch, but I dun need him personally. Frankly, with a sword by his side, how to not marry him...
This guy’s from my sec sch, but I dun know him personally. Frankly, with a sword by his side, how to not marry him…
39 East Photography Main Webpage: http://www.39eastimages.com/main.php


Countdown to Wedding Day (19-06-10): 336 days

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