Can I have a Wedding in Singapore under 5k please?

I was reading through one of our posts from 2013 when I came across the following excerpt:

More often than not, when the business grows, the price also grow together. It is a common practice, especially in the service line, where we trade our time with money. Since the time is getting more valuable, the price need to escalate, eliminating the mass and welcoming the elite. The challenge is how to stay grounded with the mass and grow together with them. I know I’m getting too chim (Singlish for deep) I supposed to just feature my house, for goodness sake! Pardon me sometimes, I get too carried away talking about what’s in my heart.

This concept resonances with my dream for Rosette Designs & Co, where every couple or person deserves a well-designed and gorgeous party without spending a bomb. Of course, I’m not saying that my design is cheap, but at least you won’t fall off from your chair when you see the quotation. (I did once, when I saw the quotation of one wedding planner during my wedding preparation). It has to be balanced and profitable still.

This reminded me of my goal when I started Rosette: Everyone deserves a beautiful wedding, surrounded by people they love.

After all, it is one of the biggest moments in life.

But being in this age where inflation is unavoidable with the rising cost of venues, food, flowers, etc., planning a Pinterest-worthy wedding that will not blow your budget seems like an arduous-almost impossible task.

So last December, we challenged ourselves to create the unthinkable – coming up with asolemnisation celebration package including venue cost, F&B, and decor for less than $5,000 nett for a wedding party of 40 pax – and we are beyond excited to announce that we did it!

If you enjoy a rustic industrial ambience, good food, fresh ingredients, you’re in for a treat because from Feb 2016, Rosette Designs & Co X Roots Kitchen Bar are partnering to create, design, and plan Pinterest-worthy weddings that will not blow your budget.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 11.05.31 am.png

We’ve got it all covered from styling your reception table to your photo gallery to your ROM backdrop with fairy lights to minute details like guests’ place-cards. We would even design your wedding invitations if you like.

You also get exclusive usage of the venue, and a 4-course lunch or dinner awaits your wedding party of 40 pax.

And the damage? $4,800 nett.
Yes, you read right. $4,800 nett for all of the above.
Now, who said you need at least $20,000 to get married in Singapore?!

The value of precious shots captured of your Wedding Day increases with time, having an inverse relationship to your recollection of the day. Our good friends from Awesome Memories Photography are excited to be part of your beautiful celebration from $850 nett, capturing your cherished moments.

~To our lovely readers who are already married, fret not as we also do birthday celebrations, anniversary parties, D&Ds, and all sorts of pretty parties 🙂 

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