6 Talking Points To Remember While Finalizing Your Wedding Photographer

Planning a wedding can be daunting, which is why we’re here to help if you’re looking for help Among the many different aspects of wedding planning, hiring a good wedding photographer can be one that’s pretty pivotal to creating your wedding memories. The actual day of your wedding is going to be pretty hectic and […]

Top 10 Décor Ideas To Personalize Your Wedding

Weddings are a special time for everyone involved. Like we mentioned in our earlier blog, the décor of the wedding is crucial to its theme. Now, regardless of what theme or venue you choose, the bottom line is that the décor and the little knick knacks in the wedding should mean something special to the […]

How To Decide On A Personalized Theme For Your Wedding

A wedding theme is more than just the look or color of the wedding, the theme of the wedding is also about the people getting married and their story. When you’re deciding the theme of your wedding, there are a lot of factors and little details to keep in mind that will determine which theme […]

Wedding Venue of the Week: CHIJMES

Choosing a wedding venue in Singapore is hard. There are lots of factors to consider and in Singapore the choices are limitless. So, we came up with a plan to help! Every week we will be featuring a Venue of the Week, so you can do all your venue-related research in one place. Historical Background […]

She says: Sneak Peek of Outdoor Wedding

We are still thinking of how to display our actual day photos. We had 2 official photographers and dozens of unofficial ones. The latter part has made their way to my facebook account and help me broadcast to all our contacts. Our outdoor wedding is a treat for photographer with lots of beautiful details and […]

She says: “If it’s gonna be funny later, it’s funny NOW!

Here I am, doing my last minute wedding signage and stressing over how to burn an audio CD at 5:46 am. These few days have been intensely stressful for both Winston and I. Yet at the beginning of this week, in Sunday service I was listening to a simple truth yet a revelation from a […]

She says: 2 more days – Feeling Lightly

2 more days and I am still trying to figure how to transfer 7.39 GB of 6 min photo montage that I handcrafted for months. Honestly, I think my banquet will be overloaded with videos. But I think they all look amazing.. Couldn’t be more proud of it! I’m taking leave starting tomorrow onwards. Finally.. […]

She says: 3 more days…*faint*

Okay.. it’s a bit too dramatic…. But I seriously feel anxious right now. I have done so many things the past 1 year and 4 months, but I also haven’t done all. I have a bittersweet habit of keeping certain things last minute and enjoy the thrill of heart-pumping moments like euphoria of gambling. That […]

She says: 9 Days to Go! – Photobooth Checked!

9 more days to go! I had my hair dyed dark copper. I made a mistake of coloring my hair black 5 months ago. The hairdresser already warned me not to color it black, but I insisted and thought I’ll be fine. Yeah and 5 months later, it took 2 sessions back-to-back to get a […]

She says: 10 More Days!

We are getting more nervous as days gone by. 2 weeks to our wedding! While we’re almost done with the preparation, we still need to meet up with our vendors and finalize things. We not only have 1 wedding, but we are running 2 weddings! Both equally important and dear to us. The hardest part […]