She says: 3 more days…*faint*

Okay.. it’s a bit too dramatic…. But I seriously feel anxious right now. I have done so many things the past 1 year and 4 months, but I also haven’t done all. I have a bittersweet habit of keeping certain things last minute and enjoy the thrill of heart-pumping moments like euphoria of gambling. That […]

She says: 9 Days to Go! – Photobooth Checked!

9 more days to go! I had my hair dyed dark copper. I made a mistake of coloring my hair black 5 months ago. The hairdresser already warned me not to color it black, but I insisted and thought I’ll be fine. Yeah and 5 months later, it took 2 sessions back-to-back to get a […]

She says: 10 More Days!

We are getting more nervous as days gone by. 2 weeks to our wedding! While we’re almost done with the preparation, we still need to meet up with our vendors and finalize things. We not only have 1 wedding, but we are running 2 weddings! Both equally important and dear to us. The hardest part […]

She says: “Can this be anymore gay-er?” *

* words by Samantha Jones Yesterday my girlfriends and I watched the most anticipated Chick Flick of 2010, Sex and the City 2. Like millions of girls around the world, I am a die-hard fan of SATC. I love everything about it. Carrie’s quirky ultra fashionable sense, Samantha’s blatant comments, Miranda’s girl-power and Charlotte’s idealistic […]

She says: Groom’s Attire

Photo Credits: PInterest So much for the bride, now the limelight is on the groom! I will share with you our inspiration for the groom and his men. Since our wedding will be a tree wedding *if the weather permits, of course*, we will have a casual dress code. No long train, no tuxedo, no […]

She says: Make Up Trial and Error

acI just went for my 2nd make up trial in Di Gio after the first one turned out to be less than desirable. I think it was my fault, because I didn’t brief him properly. My Taiwan pre-wedding make up really matched up my taste without me saying anything. So drawing from that experience, I […]

She says: 3 more weeks to go- Intensive Exercise

Photo Credits: Gymaholic Last week was a super-packed week for me and Winston because we are involved in the historical Asia Conference 2010 for the whole 5 days starting Wed to Sun. It’s the biggest Christian conference in Asia, with powerful speakers like David Cho Yonggi (South Korea), pastor of the largest church in the […]

She says: Collagen Secret

Now that we have only a few weeks left to our wedding, it’s not too late to do something extra to look effortlessly gorgeous on the actual day. Convinced by bride’s forum and the review, I started to consume Collagen HTC Tense Up from Fancl. It is so popular among the Singaporean brides that I […]

She says: Things to do (still)

Photo Credits: Pinterest 4 weeks to go and we still need to settle some things. Most of these things are more our “wants” than “needs”, and most of the stuff is for our outdoor wedding. We are really enjoying this wedding, don’t we? *grin* Booklet for Matrimony Cotton Candy Machine Backdrop for Photobooth Props for […]

She says: 1 MONTH to go!

It’s 1 month to go!! Haven’t really sink in me yet that I’m getting married in 1 month. All the tense preparation that we had since the beginning of last year seems to vanish in the presence of the future. We are nearly done with the preparation, and sent out most of the invitations already. […]