Deliciously Easy Decor Ideas To Replace Florals With Foliage In Your Wedding

Elegant theme-Renny & Charlynne IMGL2260 (Small)

Finding easy decor ideas for your wedding is no mean feat considering the massive sources of inspiration today. What’s important though, is to find the right fit for your tastes and preferences. 2020 will be a breakthrough year for the wedding industry with many new trends changing the face of thew wedding scene. One of […]

3 Most Common Wedding Planning Mistakes (Which Can Be Avoided)

3 Most Common Wedding Planning Mistakes (Which Can Be Avoided)

Wedding planning mistakes can be the death knell for the biggest day of your life. Wedding planning can be fun and exciting for a bride. But it can be a circle of organized chaos as well. Most brides, yes even type A personalities and ardent planners, tend to goof up because wedding planning can be, […]

Planning A Wedding With A Large Wedding Guest List : How To Do It ?

Planning A Wedding With A Large Wedding Guest List How To Do It

Preparing the wedding guest list is one important aspect of wedding planning. Every little girl wants a perfect wedding and that little girl lives inside every woman regardless of age. However, so much goes into wedding planning and not all of it is easy peasy. It helps to break things down based on several factors. […]

Wedding Venue of the Week: Hort Park

Sprawling greenery for 22 acres in Singapore? That sounds odd in the concrete jungle, but that’s why Hort Park is this week’s wedding venue! A popular spot for couples to tie the knot, Hort Park must be included in our growing list of wedding venues. What is Hort Park? Park connector, workshop area, a butterfly […]

Wedding Venue of the Week: Restaurants

Let’s take a break from those hotel weddings and look at something that will give you more creative control. Weddings in cafes and restaurants are now super popular, and not to mention super gorgeous?! So our next wedding venue of the week is not just one location, it’s those pretty restaurants popping up in the […]

Top 5 Wedding Horror Stories

A ghost at a wedding might be… fun? It’s October! The spookiest time of the year, . So, in light of all the horror-filled events happening around the island, we have complied a list of wedding horror stories form our wedding planners. They might not involve ghosts or demons, but they are sure scare the […]

Wedding Venue of the Week: Grand Hyatt

Right smack in the busiest district in Singapore, Grand Hyatt is one of the easiest hotels to get to. Our current wedding venue of the week is just a short walk from Orchard MRT station, the hotel can host intimate weddings for a handful of guests to 360. The sumptuous food, attention to the smallest […]

Real Weddings: Wafi & Nurul @ Hort Park

We almost overdosed on these little puffs of organza pom poms for this sweet pink and blue themed Malay wedding in Hort Park. Wafi handled all the decoration ideas for this wedding and wanted to create a sweet garden for … Continue reading → Source = Real Weddings: Wafi & Nurul @ Hort Park

Behind The Wedding: Ben & Joy on Nikoi Island

We are going to start a series of Behind The Wedding #behindthewedding posts! This should get interesting as we show you the blood and the sweat that goes on behind each wedding. As a are a team of ever passionate … Continue reading → Source = Behind The Wedding: Ben & Joy on Nikoi Island

She Says: Cheerful & Graphic-Inspired Wedding in the Garden

Who says Singapore doesn’t have a nice place for outdoor weddings? This super cool couple, Steven & Sharn, chose the perfect place for their cosy nuptial. Marmalade [email protected] Stables is a perfect hangout for weekend brunch & after-hour drinks as it is quiet, breezy and offer a perfect escape from the bustling city. Which is […]