The wedding boom is back like never before; with the arrival of 2022, many couples have come to terms with Covid-19-imposed regulations on marriage ceremonies, and are now ready to navigate them and celebrate their big day together with their family and friends. So, as the restrictions have eased up, you can finally style your Reception […]


Wedding gatecrashing has been a long-standing tradition. They’re a series of games devised by the bride and her bridesmaids to put the groom’s resolve to win his wife to the test. The groom and groomsmen are supposed to carry out the bridesmaid’s requests. All in the name of good fun, of course, to prove his […]

New Design Gallery in our Facebook Page

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone who celebrates! Can’t believe it’s already the new year! We, the teamΒ from Rosette Designs & Co, recently revamped our portfolio and branding in preparationΒ for the next move from Diary & Design Wedding. Please have a fresh look on our past & new works hereΒ and contact usΒ at [email protected] for quotation […]

We (Still) Love Pinterest!

Forgive us for only joining Pinterest now! I (Hellen) have been a Pinterest fan & member since the phenomenon launched in 2010 (follow me here). We couldn’t believe somebody actually heard our secret wish for online pinboard! With the birth of Pinterest, I dun have to squeeze my memory of where did I see that […]

*Like Us on Facebook!*

Does that sentence sound familiar? Everybody who has a Facebook account or page would understand that “Likes” do count. But as somebody that doesn’t go around and like every Facebook page that comes her way, I’d say, “Please like our page only if you like what you see!” Until our website is up, you can […]

Weddings in Singapore are Going To Get Prettier!

After co-founding Diary & Design Wedding, Hellen has headed the design team to expand into a new company, Rosette Designs & Co which specialised in wedding design & decor. Our website is still in progress, but you can see our portfolio here or in our Diary & Design blog. Simple set up to showcase our […]