One of the most significant and much-photographed moments of a traditional Indian wedding is the pheras ritual. Pheras takes place around a holy fire, with the nearest and dearest ones sitting across or alongside the couple. In Today’s time, The mandap with the venue has become a focal point in weddings today. The trend of […]

Tips For Planning A Cozy And Intimate Wedding in Singapore

Since Covid-19 took over our lives, jobs, social media feeds, and even our weddings, we’ve had to change the way we plan any social gatherings. While it’s been a tricky adjustment for most of us, there’s always a silver lining out there. In the wedding planning arena, that lining would be small intimate weddings! This […]

8 Flowers for Wedding bouquets with Their Symbolism

All about flowers for wedding bouquets in one place. Imagine yourself spending time and money on your wedding bouquet, only to get subtly embarrassed when asked for the name and meaning of these flowers which you have no idea of; or when you walk down the aisle, only to realise that your flowers happen to […]

Stunning Mandap Decor Designs That Will Make You Want To Get Married !

mandap decor

No Hindu wedding ceremony is complete without some show stopping Mandap decor. In fact, as the centerpiece for the main event on the main day – everyone’s eyes are going to be right here. Read on to see some of the best modern & traditional mandap decor designs that we’re in love with! (pssst..we’ve also […]

Industrial Chic Wedding Decor Ideas | 2021 Top Wedding Themes

industrial chic wedding decor

Industrial chic wedding decor ideas? This new , but highly requested and quite sought after trend has really been having a moment in 2020. Let’s delve into the finer nuances of this theme and what it takes to make a successful industrial chic wedding happen! When it comes to picking a wedding theme, one can […]

12 Fun Things To Put On Wedding Tables : Centerpieces that will go with Every Theme

Look no further if you’re considering fun things to put on wedding tables. Whether your tastes are quirky, classical , fun, experimental, whimsical, elegant or modern – there’s a thematic wedding centerpiece for your mood and budget. Let’s go ahead and explore the options! First, let’s look at the functions of a wedding table centerpiece: […]

4 Essentials for A Safe And Memorable Phase 2 Wedding

phase 2 wedding

Planning a Phase 2 wedding is no walk in the park – and understandably so. No one prepared us for times such as these . Therefore, as is typical of life, it’s necessary that we adapt and evolve in all situations. The scenario is no different when it comes to weddings. Let’s face it, all […]

Deliciously Easy Decor Ideas To Replace Florals With Foliage In Your Wedding

Elegant theme-Renny & Charlynne IMGL2260 (Small)

Finding easy decor ideas for your wedding is no mean feat considering the massive sources of inspiration today. What’s important though, is to find the right fit for your tastes and preferences. 2020 will be a breakthrough year for the wedding industry with many new trends changing the face of thew wedding scene. One of […]

Affordable Wedding Decor : Photo Table Ideas From Real Weddings At Rosette

Affordable Wedding Decor Photo Table Ideas From Real Weddings At Rosette

Planning a wedding is as exciting as it is tedious. It helps to start off with a budget, and then look for affordable wedding decor options that fall in your suited range. You probably have some idea of what you want your wedding to look like in terms of the overall decor. We’re going to […]