Deliciously Easy Decor Ideas To Replace Florals With Foliage In Your Wedding

Elegant theme-Renny & Charlynne IMGL2260 (Small)

Finding easy decor ideas for your wedding is no mean feat considering the massive sources of inspiration today. What’s important though, is to find the right fit for your tastes and preferences. 2020 will be a breakthrough year for the wedding industry with many new trends changing the face of thew wedding scene. One of […]

Affordable Wedding Decor : Photo Table Ideas From Real Weddings At Rosette

Affordable Wedding Decor Photo Table Ideas From Real Weddings At Rosette

Planning a wedding is as exciting as it is tedious. It helps to start off with a budget, and then look for affordable wedding decor options that fall in your suited range. You probably have some idea of what you want your wedding to look like in terms of the overall decor. We’re going to […]

Wedding Lighting Ideas That Take Your Decor To The Next Level (Update 2021)

When it comes to discussing wedding decor , wedding lighting can hardly be left out of the conversation. The right kind of wedding lighting : sets the tone for the evening creates a mood around it -based on colors, hues etc. creates focus and areas of light and shadow takes away the mundane and bring […]

6 Trending Ideas To Make Your 2019 Wedding Unforgettable

Does anyone remember going through pictures of their parents and grandparents weddings and noticing the details in them ? Maybe it was the bridal gown, the flowers in the bouquet or the decor – one can’t miss how photographs (or videos) leave behind a lasting memory of the trends, fashion and culture of an era, […]

Top 10 Décor Ideas To Personalize Your Wedding

Weddings are a special time for everyone involved. Like we mentioned in our earlier blog, the décor of the wedding is crucial to its theme. Now, regardless of what theme or venue you choose, the bottom line is that the décor and the little knick knacks in the wedding should mean something special to the […]

How To Decide On A Personalized Theme For Your Wedding

A wedding theme is more than just the look or color of the wedding, the theme of the wedding is also about the people getting married and their story. When you’re deciding the theme of your wedding, there are a lot of factors and little details to keep in mind that will determine which theme […]

Carla and Boom’s Beach Wedding

1st December we had the honour to coordinate and style Carla and Boom’s beach wedding at Glass House Sentosa. We have to say it was incredibly beautiful, and that’s not because of us! Carla and Boom were the perfect emcees for their own wedding, injecting joy, laughter and just the right amount of happy tears. […]

Wedding Venue of the Week: The St Regis

When someone mentions the St Regis, first thoughts are always ‘oh ya that atas hotel at that atas place’ – ‘that atas place’ being Tanglin.  The St Regis is known for heiresses having brunch on weekdays, the red sculpture by Anthony Poon that lines the entrance, and of course that Kim Jong Un stayed in […]

The Top 3 Wedding Decor Myths

Lush bouquets, grand centrepieces and fairy light aisles. Wedding decor tends to be the main feature in photographs on Pinterest, Instagram and the albums newlyweds put up. If you think back on weddings you’ve attended, you might remember decor that made you whip out your phone. Or you might have waited in line to snap […]