She says: Tips on outdoor wedding

  Among all of the many decisions being made about your upcoming nuptials, choosing where to hold the reception is one of the most important and time sensitive. Before you do decide on flower arrangements or dinners, you have to figure out where you would like the reception to be. Outdoor weddings under a pop […]

She says : Decoration and table setting ideas for outdoor venue

While we are still searching for the “right” venue for our holy matrimony, I will share my inspiration and the setting ideas for outdoor venues. Of course most of the pictures are taken overseas, where the weather is much more cooling in the afternoon, so they have more options for the outdoor ceremony. For us, […]

She says: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

I put up a few mood boards for our theme. Credits to my inspiration websites. Since we haven’t finalize the venue for Holy Matrimony, we are still open with the possibility of holding it outdoor (though Winston will perspire as if he’s eating tons of chilli… haha). Our hot choice for Wedding banquet is Conrad […]