She Says: Have a Lovely Year Ahead!

No doubt 2012 has been the most interesting and life-changing yearΒ for me so far. We have a few additions to our little family, a cute baby and a capable helper. I’d never imagined myself to be one of those mothers who is pushing aΒ stroller with aΒ helper following behind. It is perfectly fine and increasingly becoming […]

She says: Uber Chic Wedding @ Yacht

Some of you might know that I am closely linked to Ian Photography. This creative and fast growing company grew together with this blog as we were his first client back then. Of course it doesn’t hurt that Ian was one of my disciples in church and Irene is my sister. I took credit for […]

We say: (Secret) Dream Comes True!

We have been waiting for Style Wedding magazine’s September issue for a month after our interview. In the initial stage of our wedding preparation, we secretly wishing that our wedding will be featured in a magazine one day. It didn’t happen on the year we got married, only a year after that, our vendor called […]

She says: It was all worth it..

Today Lily and I met a lovely couple who has a beautiful idea of having their wedding solemnization and dinner outdoors and indoors. They chose the path of what seems to be a rising popularity in Singapore’s wedding scene, a non-typical Chinese wedding dinner. We have met many couples, who have the similar interest. I […]

She says: Can’t Get Enough of Doilies!

Last October, we were featured by the popular blog, Ruffled on our doilies envelope post. That post gathered so much comments and drive good traffic to our blog. Today I saw one of my daily reads featuring my post! The writer blogged about doilies and featured our envelopes. Although it didn’t mention my blog, I’m […]

She says: Tiffany Trend

I haven’t gotten enough of tiffany blue, although last year my world was painted with this shade! This color has become ubiquitous, we did a few weddings with this tone. Personally I always love this green-blue combination. It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly is this shade, but it’s the ambiguity that entices me. I chose […]

She says: Whimsical Seaside

Early part of this year, we did a wedding design and decor (CHAPTER FIVE) in Aloha Changi Chalet. The couple is very sweet to each other while the bride is very passionate about her wedding theme. They already engaged a wedding coordinator so we came in as their decorator. It’s always good to have a […]

She says: Green Lovelies at Hort Park

Last December we did a special wedding in Hort Park. The couple wants an eco-friendly wedding, while still maintaining the aesthetic of the wedding. The venue was challenging as they can only use the Multi Purpose Hall (MPH) despite of having it in Hort Park. They booked the beautiful Lawn in front of MPH, only […]

She says: Season Greeting, Season of Love

I’m getting married again! I have been married for more than 5 times till date and will continue to host wedding parties for 2011. I’m kidding (in case you didn’t get my joke). Since plunging into wedding design and planning industry, I feel like I am constantly getting married. I take every wedding as my […]

He says: Diary and Design Inspiration Boards!

It has been quite some time after our wedding, and both Hellen and I are involved in different things. But one thing my wife is really going all out for is her Diary and Design wedding planning business. As a wedding designer, I see how she takes everything absorbed from the various resources (websites, books, […]