Planning A Wedding With A Large Wedding Guest List : How To Do It ?

Planning A Wedding With A Large Wedding Guest List How To Do It

Preparing the wedding guest list is one important aspect of wedding planning. Every little girl wants a perfect wedding and that little girl lives inside every woman regardless of age. However, so much goes into wedding planning and not all of it is easy peasy. It helps to break things down based on several factors. […]

5 Major Details To Not Overlook While Wedding Planning

5 Major Details To Not Overlook While Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is fun as much as it can be be tasking. There is so much that needs to be taken into account that can’t be overlooked. While planning your wedding, there are some details that end up going unattended to by even the sharpest of eyes. In this post, we talk about the major […]

6 Effortless Wedding Planning Rules To Ensure A Hassle Free Wedding

Every wedding must be a celebration of love and an unforgettable experience. However, when it comes to wedding planning, the experience can be rocky. Don’t let the pressure of planning the “perfect wedding” get in the way of all the excitement. Here are 7 tips to plan the happiest day in your life : 1. […]

6 Trending Ideas To Make Your 2019 Wedding Unforgettable

Does anyone remember going through pictures of their parents and grandparents weddings and noticing the details in them ? Maybe it was the bridal gown, the flowers in the bouquet or the decor – one can’t miss how photographs (or videos) leave behind a lasting memory of the trends, fashion and culture of an era, […]

Top 10 Décor Ideas To Personalize Your Wedding

Weddings are a special time for everyone involved. Like we mentioned in our earlier blog, the décor of the wedding is crucial to its theme. Now, regardless of what theme or venue you choose, the bottom line is that the décor and the little knick knacks in the wedding should mean something special to the […]

How To Decide On A Personalized Theme For Your Wedding

A wedding theme is more than just the look or color of the wedding, the theme of the wedding is also about the people getting married and their story. When you’re deciding the theme of your wedding, there are a lot of factors and little details to keep in mind that will determine which theme […]

Wedding Venue of the Week: Restaurants

Let’s take a break from those hotel weddings and look at something that will give you more creative control. Weddings in cafes and restaurants are now super popular, and not to mention super gorgeous?! So our next wedding venue of the week is not just one location, it’s those pretty restaurants popping up in the […]

Top 5 Wedding Horror Stories

A ghost at a wedding might be… fun? It’s October! The spookiest time of the year, . So, in light of all the horror-filled events happening around the island, we have complied a list of wedding horror stories form our wedding planners. They might not involve ghosts or demons, but they are sure scare the […]

Wedding Venue of the Week: The White Rabbit

Garden weddings are super popular nowadays, which is why our next wedding venue is The White Rabbit! Intimate without lacking any of the beauty in other locations, the restaurant should be on your wedding radar if you aren’t hosting a huge bridal party. The White Rabbit: Housed in a restored 1930s chapel on Dempsey Hill, […]

Wedding Venue of the Week: The St Regis

When someone mentions the St Regis, first thoughts are always ‘oh ya that atas hotel at that atas place’ – ‘that atas place’ being Tanglin.  The St Regis is known for heiresses having brunch on weekdays, the red sculpture by Anthony Poon that lines the entrance, and of course that Kim Jong Un stayed in […]