Featured : Top 10 Wedding Planner & Creative Stylist

We are humbled to be featured as Top 10 Wedding Planner in Singapore & Top 10 Event Stylist by the leading wedding blog and directory, The Wedding Vow.


Taken from their article, Top 10 Wedding Planner in Singapore, the writer describe us as:

“Rosette is a team who will take your wedding ideas and spin it into a beautiful story that perfectly showcases your relationship. Their strength lies in their versatility to construct up different styles, whether artsy, fun or romantic, the sky’s the limit. With their touch, your wedding scene is assured to be Pinterest-worthy.”

Once in awhile, when the going gets tough, we are encouraged by the kind words spoken by our affiliates & ex-clients. This is definitely in our top list.

Not only we are able to plan the whole wedding, like the picture above, a wedding was done in Bali for a lovely Singaporean couple, we also specialise in Design & Decor. Which is also link to our second category of Top 10, the Event Stylist.


Photo credit : Samuel Goh Photography courtesy of Clive & Yvonne.

This kind words to describe our role as Event Stylist, really make our day every time :

When it comes to event styling, Rosette Designs is a highly versatile and experienced team. Having explored many wedding themes at different locations with different couples, you can be assured they will have little problem putting yours together. Whether it’s a fun nautical theme, a whimsical travel theme or private beach destination wedding,  their work will leave a lasting impression on your guests. With the helping hands of their team consisting of a designer, planner, project manager and a decor team, you’ll be certain of a stress-free wedding day.

Classy yet Fun. That’s how we described our best client.


 Photo credit : Samuel Goh Photography courtesy of Carl & Ling.
So, if you are classy yet know how to have fun, love Rustic feel but is not slave to trend, and want to have the most awesome experience of getting married in style yet simple,  email us at info@rosettedesigns.com

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