He says: 100 Days to Wedding (Parody of 500 Days of Summer)

This is it… I have been contemplating how I will feel when this day comes… being the groom-to-be of a self-professed bridezilla… this is it, we are 100 days away from our wedding weekend!!

This is a Promise

Nothing fancy here, just my thoughts as we are really near our actual wedding day. I love it when my partner-in-crime is so passionate about something, frankly I do not even need to throw in much ideas when she has it all down. Some people might prefer to have a simple, straight-forward wedding. It is all well and good, but now that we find passion in doing this, why don’t we just make it a truly memorable one?

The thing is, I am not even worried about the actual day anymore, cause we are prepared and if things do not turn out too well, it’s still ok! The preparation and our journey through this blog is already memories that will leave with us for the rest of our life. A wedding is temporary, but a marriage is a lifetime. But to make a marriage a heaven on earth, doing things together and enjoying it is very important too.

Here’s a checklist of the key things to do for me:

1. ROM registration

2. Finalise guestlists and send out invites

3. Work out the schedule and programmes

4. Prepare the helpers and bridal party for the day

5. Discuss with the vendors on the finer details.

Yeah… mission is clear, but most importantly I am glad that I have Hellen with me through all this. She’s absolutely great and I am glad I can support her in planning this out. I know she is pretty stressed with juggling work and the wedding, so I appreciate her effort through this busy time. I love my dear dear!

I love a typical vendor meeting with Hellen, as we complement each other well. I don’t have much preference for the design and artistic direction of the wedding, but she has it all in her mind and notebook and wedding file. But sometimes she do not really know how to communicate the thoughts to the vendors, and that’s where I come in, to be the spokesperson from time to time. It is times like this that I appreciate it when we are so different, when we just fit into each other in spite of our differences.

I am so glad we have a wonderful group of vendors helping us all the way, especially when a lot of them shares the same belief with us, and so many of them has interesting stories of their own. Thanks to people like Catheryn, Clarabelle, Casey, Josephine, Don, Eleanor, Boon Kiat, Maggie, Sandy, Kiwi, Baby, Wansheng, John, Steven, Jane, Lily, Serene, Tandy who each has stories of their own in breaking into the wedding business.. and how I am so impressed that each and everyone of them do it not for the money, but for the passion and love in this business.

100 more days.. countdown to the weekend I am looking forward to the most in this whole year! It will be great when you share it with the girl you love the most. .

You ain’t Heavy, You’re my Bride

Countdown to Wedding Day (19-06-10): 100 days

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