He says: 12 years ago

12 years ago.. it was the year 1997, and I was still a young chap at 16 years old.  I was preparing for my O Level’s and as usual, my parents told me to follow them to my distant cousin’s wedding banquet. The thing is, I am not really close to that cousin, or that family.. but I will just follow them. Cos I like to attend weddings, mainly for the good food, even though I don’t know most of the people there.

I have been to several weddings already… although I have never been a big part of any of them. I am a single child and I won’t have the privilege of helping out closely in any sibling’s wedding. So in a way, I do feel a sense of loss when I see other families being heavily involved in a wedding.

To me, a wedding was an event to enjoy good food and be part of a joyous occasion. Maybe that’s why I like going to it.. I don’t find it a chore, and it is another avenue for me to feel like I belong to a big family when in actual fact,  I am an only child. On that day, I was told I am going to Conrad hotel. To me it meant nothing really… since I am not conscious of what is considered a good hotel and what is not.

I just recall that stepping into the ballroom was a wonderful experience. I remembered the grandeur of the ballroom and I felt small in it. The service was great and although I don’t remember the food, I knew I was served well. The lighting and ambience was incredible.. and even though I did not remember any details… I knew I loved the place. That’s why after so long, 12 years later, I still remember Conrad.

When I was speaking to Catheryn recently about holding our banquet at Conrad, she revealed an interesting information to me. She told me she have been planning weddings in Conrad since 12 years ago… and in my mind I was thinking: She could have been the one who planned my cousin’s wedding!

I never told her what I thought, but I was feeling assured that maybe, the same person that orchestrated the wonderful memory I have before, is going to do it again for me. Therefore, I am confident that anyone who attends our wedding will remember it for all the right reasons.

13 years later, in 20 Jun 2010.. there will be another memorable wedding (for the right reason) in Conrad. And I hope it will be another great memory and experience for a little boy or girl who is attending my wedding, just like I did.

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