He says: A Little Little Dream for You

Bottomline: I want to be a wedding singer.

In both my 2 good friends’ weddings, Ni and JH, they had wedding singers. For me personally, I prefer to have a wedding band too, instead of plain old CD. Maybe it’s just me and my personal preference. It feels a bit more personal to have real-life singers, with their quirks and mistakes. Maybe the fact that reaction is immediate and it feels like there is more life to the whole wedding. During the majority of the time, I can safely say that CD music sounds better. But I don’t know… CD music sounds so distant…. A wedding singer is not often better than a professional artiste, but there is definitely more intimacy in a wedding singer, as they add the personal touch to the wedding, through their words, song dedications and real-life reactions.

Here’s introducing our wedding singers for our wedding banquet (I’m sure most of you have heard of them): A Little Dream!

They are the team of choice for wedding singers currently in the Singapore market today. I don’t need to do much advertising for them, as they practically do it by themselves very well. Follow my link above to check out their very-detailed blog, facebook page and youtube videos. They are a diverse group with a few mainstay singers, which alternates with their existing instrument players. They have guitarists, saxophonists and keyboardists. Interestingly, another of our friend, Chengrong, will also be having A Little Dream sing in his wedding too, although he won the service from the band through a lucky draw!

All I know for now is that we have decided on our singer, and she is Serene. We chose her from the different alternatives provided to us because we looked through the various clips and we liked her the most. Her description in ALD is this: Serene’s soulful voice is passionate, strong and thoroughly unforgettable. Currently backing up local singing sensation Stefanie Sun in her international concert tour, Serene is enjoying the jet-setting life!” Oh well, she sounds good, so yeah, I believe. 

Serene and her team, looking vintage, sounding classy.

We have already sent them our songs of choice, so let’s hope they can pull it off well. 2 other interesting tidbits on wedding singers. Firstly, one of my friend, Fuquan (I know you’re reading), who is going to have his wedding soon, will probably have the best wedding singer ever.. Chen Weilian from Project Superstar! Although it is not a lock, it probably will happen (especially if you are marrying his sister!). Secondly, other than the banquet, we are looking for entertainment for our matrimony service after-party too. Well, if all goes to plan, we may just have someone close to our heart doing that for us.Happy Wedding Planning, to all couples out there!

Countdown to Wedding Day (19-06-10): 106 days

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