He says: A Standard Banquet Package (Part II)

Photo Credits: Royal Penguin Hotel

When I was considering my banquet package, these are some of my thought process:

3. Choice of wedding favors

Wedding favors are the gifts for your guests during the wedding banquet. Some of the common ones from hotels are chocolates (so common!), fruit cakes, key chains and even chopsticks. Now this is one of the stuff u can really bargain for. Nowadays more and more couples want to have special wedding favors (things that are more useful, things that you can remember the couple by), and often, the hotel’s selection just don’t cut it. For us, we wanted to have our own wedding favors and since Hellen’s dad can help us in this, we decided to bargain for other perks. If you are satisfied with the hotel’s favors, it is good to take it. You can try bargaining for extra room stay, helper’s room, projector waiver, etc if you want to get your own favors.

4. A specially designed X-tiered dummy cake for display on stage for cake cutting ceremony. A genuine cake will be given at the end of the dinner

For mine, it is 5-tiered. I am not too particular about the cake, although I think Hellen is. It is common to have a dummy on stage and one layer (normally the top) delivered to your suite at the end of the dinner. I will recommend you to buy or made one specially if you have a lot of money to spend and you are very particular about the cake. It depends on you, really.

5. Complimentary one night stay at the Bridal Suite or Hotel Room

In my humble opinion, this is one thing to really bargain and fight for. One night stay just does not cut it. Reason: You are super exhausted after your banquet… most probably you won’t be able to enjoy sex too much… let alone you have the additional stress of paying up the next day.. and the stress of counting your ang bao… ahhhhhhhh!!!! Just get 2 nights so that you have more time to do the mundane stuff (I mean counting the money! Not the other thing…)

How important is wedding night sex? Well, I came across this article (http://www.reuters.com/article/pressRelease/idUS143632+13-Oct-2008+PRN20081013) on a Brides.com survey. Here an interesting excerpts:

In order to make the wedding night sex even more memorable, most brides (92%)
plan to sleep in separate beds the evening before their nuptials, with many
(42%) intending to halt sexual activity well before they head to the altar. Of
those planning a bedroom hiatus, a majority (53%) expects to abstain for a
month or longer.

So I guess it is a general consensus that the wedding night is real important.. so bargain for 2 nights stay! No regrets and best advice from your love guru, Kiongster!

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