He says: A Standard Banquet Package (Part V)

Photo Credits: Royal Penguin Hotel

Hmm... this is killing me as much as it kills you..
Hmmm… this is killing me as much as it kills you..

Have been occupied these few days and now I am updating the blog again. In the last 2 days, we look at several bridal studios to get a better idea of the bridal packages and also, yesterday, we went to our outdoor venue to recce again. It was HOT, HOT, HOT yesterday… so time to go back to the drawing board with regards to making our outdoor wedding idea a feasible (cool) one. Lastly, we got to arrange air tickets for our photoshoot overseas. It’s gonna be exciting, but my lack of experience in air travel is hurting now.. as I dunno whether I should wait for another airline promotion, or just book the tickets now to avoid troubles. Decisions, decisions, decisions..

And the pic is a little something to clear the Monday blues (dear dear, this does not imply what I feel!!)

Now to the other things we got to look out for in a standard banquet package:

12. 2 VIP parking lots in front of hotel’s entrance for your bridal and family cars

Very standard requirement, a must-have. Nothing much to say about this.

13. Stylish guest book (poster) for guests to sign-in

This is also another staple. Just that nowadays, bridal studios or photography places sometimes offers a customized guest book with the couple’s pre-wedding photos included. You would probably need one, either from the hotel or the photographer. Choose one and bargain for other stuff in the other place.

14. An intimate dinner at the hotel restaurant on your first anniversary

I have heard couples exchanging this for one night’s extra stay in the suite. I think that’s quite wise, cause you never know where you will be in one year’s time. You could be overseas, having other commitments and if you are real lucky.. awaiting your new baby and having no time for intimate dinners.

So there’s the stuff you look out for in the banquet package… now that’s over, I still have several decisions to make. We have recently decided on the actual day photographer (somewhat decided) and the outdoor matrimony venue. Now the other decisions such as gown, bridal packages, honeymoon, wedding bands, catering, tentage for outdoor venues are going to be our next big money purchases. Phew…

But in an odd sort of way, this is kinda fun. A fleeting thought came to my mind: how about a career in wedding planning?

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