He says: Best Wedding Videos Ever!

Taking a little break from my proposal saga, I was facebooking and came across 2 wonderful wedding videos. I am looking for a wedding videographer, and both of these wedding videos just blew me away!

The first one is called ‘Imagine’ done by Santo (Susanto Widjaja) which won 2 Australian Awards! The cool thing about this video is the seamless integration of a storyline (a girl imagining her wedding day) and the actual day’s wedding footage. Amazingly, this is done as a Same-Day-Edit (SDE). Enjoy the video below:


The second one is from my new favourite wedding studio, Moomedia. A super-ultra-cute video of the innocent love story between 2 secondary school sweethearts. It’s called ’10 years in 6 mins’. Maybe because the style of this video is so ‘ME’! Check out the Grasshopper song in the video and you will know why (my cell group will know why!) Not to be missed!


Look out for my actual proposal story next!!!

Countdown to Wedding Day (19-06-10): 261 days

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