He says: Blue-Bay I Likey!

Photo Credits: Blue-Bay Weddings

It seems that I am churning out posts everyday this week… the reason is I have to be more diligent (*clenching fist in determination again*) since I will not be in Singapore next week due to a work trip in Sweden (Karlskoga [??!!], here I come!)

I am now going to churn out my personal view on Blue-Bay photos. Actually orh… I liked their photos very very muchy (My cheena side is coming through)! I have a soft spot for Taiwan since I went there last year for the first time in my life. I loved the natural scenery and the Chinese pop culture was rampant there. It’s like I can enjoy the fresh air in the mountains, and yet enjoy city life the way I want it, with great food and even better TV!

When the idea of overseas pre-wedding shoot became a possibility, it was a decision to be made between places like Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan.  Hellen was understanding enough to follow me on this idea of going to Taiwan for the shoot. The main reason was also due to the fact that the partners of the studio is our  friends. With everything aligning perfectly together, I felt that it was the best decision we can make at that time: to go overseas to a country I love, with the scenery I long for, and take pictures to remembers.

[By the way, BK and Francis had set up their new Blue-Bay outlet in Capitol Building, so if you are interested, drop by the take a look. In addition, do check out this link on the opening of their new store: http://www.citynews.sg/index.php/2009/08/young-entrepreneurs-open-bluebay-wedding/]

Blue-Bay owners in Singapore!


Below are some of my personal favourites from their ginormous portfolio:

I got this thing abt jumping…

…and water in the night…

...and clouds and sky…

...and making a wish in a flower field…

…and looking stupid while trying to be cool surfer dudes…

…and being romantically blue...


A good link to the different photos taken by Blue-Bay: http://verywed.com/0223568768/wedStreet

By the way, this will be my last post until I come back in Sep, cheerios!

Countdown to Wedding Day (19-06-10): 302 days

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