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We have decided on our pre-wedding shoot studio quite some time ago. Some of our considerations: we hope it is not in Singapore (because most of the couples have local pictures and they feature the same locales – Esplanade etc), it got to have a certain photo-journalistic style, not be too posey and act cute, reasonable price.

The choice we made may not meet all the criteria (posey / act cute portion) but we are assured that as long as our wishes are communicated, it should be ok. So we decided on one which was operated by our friends (Boon Kiat and Francis) in church and partnered with Taiwan (overseas, yippee!): Blue-Bay Wedding Studio!Bluebay1


Bluebay3What I like about this bridal studio is their friendliness, cheerfulness and general ‘can-do’ attitude. Some Singapore BS are aiming to satisfy the average Singaporean’s wish to budget, and keep talking about how they can make the thing work with the least impact on your pocket. But Blue-Bay emphasize on the experience first, and have a good quotation to boot. To me, the chemistry with the people in the studio is more important, as knowing the right people is more important than knowing the right things.

Hellen has a pretty specific look she is looking for in her wedding photos (we will upload those in upcoming posts), and frankly, Blue-Bay’s photos may be too bright and cheery for our taste. However their commitment to cater to the customer’s needs and their openness to communication gave us reassurance that this would be a great set of photos. Coupled with the wonderful sceneries (I was in Taiwan last year for the first time in my life and I absolutely love it there), the pictures will automatically look good without extreme editing.

The added bonus of a special behind-the-scene book was shown to us. There will be another photographer who will come along the trip and take pictures of our whole pre-wedding shoot process, like make-up, eating, travelling and all that. We will be able to have a ‘making-of’ book which showcases our whole day of activities. This is one of the winning points of Blue-Bay.

We are planning to go to Taiwan for the shoot in November this year, and I believed we will be able to review the experiences to future couples. Till now, they are top-notch so far.

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