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It has been quite some time after our wedding, and both Hellen and I are involved in different things. But one thing my wife is really going all out for is her Diary and Design wedding planning business. As a wedding designer, I see how she takes everything absorbed from the various resources (websites, books, other people’s weddings, etc) and create wedding theme or what she call “Inspiration Boards” for her couples. To me, that is the most impressive thing that comes from her for the wedding business and she is indeed talented in what she’s doing.

Here’s a couple of her Inspiration Boards and my commentary on it:

A sophisticated bluish theme that brings winter back to sunny Singapore!

In this inspiration board, different shades of blue are used, bringing about elegance and sophistication to the wedding. It is more recommended when the wedding is meant to be more formal and classy. The wish tree that is made of glass (or even ice if possible) will be a wonderful decoration and highlight of the wedding.

Beach weddings are always unique and fresh!

Beach weddings is something that can definitely be done in Singapore, in spite of the hot weather. The sea breeze and clear sky will definitely bring with it a special experience for the guest. The key in this theme is the abundance of flowers. The selection of flora brings with it an added element of ‘freshness’ when compared to other beach weddings.

Less ‘beachy’, but still casual, and taking the sea into your wedding

How about using some seashells in your wedding? A wedding based on the sea and the shells, near the sea and casual.. definitely a wedding I hope to be a part of. Best recommended for a couple that has some romantic story related to the sun, the sand and the sea!

Here’s just a small sampling of the work my wife did (and the source of the pics are from all the wedding websites out there, credit!). Do check out the works here for their contact and wedding planning packages!

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  1. these inspiration boards are indeed both helpful and useful when it comes to visualising! your wife is lucky to have u as her supportive hubby to appreciate her hard work!

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