He says: Diary of a Married Man

I’m back!

…… hmm……

Ok.. so no one is really expecting anything interesting from me, but what the heck! It has been 3 weeks since our wedding, and we are still settling down into our married life routine. The wedding was surreal in a sense and I was glad everything went according to plan. I will leave the inspirations, photos, videos and decoration stuff to Hellen, she’s better at putting everything together. She’s not resting on her laurels too, as she has been hard at work doing something absolutely amazing at home. I’m sure she will be showcasing it when it’s done *wink*.

But surprisingly, everything seems to be going well in these initial weeks, and I look forward to seeing Hellen every night at the end of the day! I just want to dispel this myth once and for all: you do not need to take effort on a wedding, it is the marriage that matters.

Let me tell you this, spending time and effort working on a wedding is an incredible way for a couple to get closer together. As we spend more time working on this project of a wedding, we learn more about each other, how we handle finances, our ideas, our short-comings and our talents. Therefore, if you can afford the time and effort, take time from your busy schedule to plan a wedding together, you may learn to love wedding and each other even more! This is what we called a true-blue “DIY Wedding”!

Just don’t be like them…

Telepathy... Failed

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