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A simple post for today (not so simple when I read it again)..

I met my insurance agent earlier and we talked a bit, and there was this point we touched on. There are lots of insurance plans out there and for a layman like me, I will not be able to see the differences in the plans while he could quote the subtle pros and cons of the plans based on his expertise and experience. Hence a lot of time, the decision to get a plan is based on the agent and not on the plan.

This applies to wedding preparation in another way. Although venue, budget, package all plays a part, the people that you work with is crucial too. There was this post in Singaporebrides forum that I read which listed what she felt was most important when choosing the vendors for your wedding. She ranked people as the top choice. Well, as the planning goes on, I believed in that more and more. I am glad to say that for everyone of the people we have met and engaged for the wedding so far, they are incredible people and I do hope it will extend till our wedding day. This is a simple shoutout to the various people we have engaged so far:

Catheryn from Conrad: A professional through and through, and really make me feel assured with her calmness and her experience. I did my homework before our negotiation and she anticipated my every request and move, and provided what I wanted even before I asked for it. Very very cool.

Boon Kiat, Francis and Maggie from Blue-Bay: Knowing both Boon Kiat and Francis from church gave me assurance on the integrity of the business. What make me felt even better was the ‘can-do’ attitude from Maggie. I do not want to make generalisation and blanket statements, but Maggie’s positiveness and vibe of ‘Yes we can’ really make a distinction between a Taiwanese bridal studio and a Singaporean one. I feel real good about the photoshoot and they gave me that feeling. Enthusiasm all the way!

Lili from Fort Canning: She’s one my brother’s fiancee’s sister and incidentally she was working in Fort Canning too. She was patient and attentive all the way when showing us around Fort Canning. She has rad skill with the buggy to boot. Vroom!!!

Casey and Josephine from Di Gio: Talk about a dynamic duo… like Batman and Robin, Sherlock and Watson etc.. To be frank, the gowns we were looking for was not really available at the studio then. But these 2 really made us felt welcomed. It gave us hope that Singaporean service is still good! Casey’s openness and ‘easy-going-ness’ make it considerably easier to decide on engaging them. The competition for our business in bridal studio is one of the hardest, as there were several good choices. But at the end of the day, no regrets in choosing Di Gio.

[Off-topic: Bruce Wayne ain’t Batman anymore!! Dick Grayson is! Gosh, I am a comic freak and I got to say this rattled me..

Wansheng from Feldberyl: One of the coolest guy I have met. Some people are all talk and no action, but this guy is much action and little talk… or maybe he’s just too lax.. But I loved it when someone have a passion, become so good with it, that he does not depend on it for a living but instead do it for fun, enjoying it and cashing through it. It’s great to see a dreamer live his dream than hear other dreamers just dream without acting upon that dream.

Yeong from Sin Hiap Mui: The only one I have yet to meet, but from my conversations with him, he’s nice and on the ball too. I am confident of his ability and satisfied with his honesty.

But more importantly, there will be a group of people I hope will really help us out. That is our brothers and sisters and also the members in our cell group, W232. I am sure that this will be a great wedding especially with their help.

My fav pic of us all! Although not all of us are here, I know we will be there for each other when needed!

  My fav pic of us all! Although not all of us are here, I know we will be there for each other when needed! Countdown to Wedding Day (19-06-10): 354 days

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