He says: Letter to my Wedding Guests

I am finally back… to writing one more entry… haha, will try to do a few more before the wedding. Here I am going to write a simple letter to my wedding guests. If you know you are one of the ‘fortunate’ ones, please read on.

“Dear Friend,

It is with my utmost personal pleasure to invite you to Hellen and my impending wedding on 19-20 Jun. As a guest for this wedding, there are a few things I hope you can do.

1. Get Ready to Receive the Invites!

As you can see from this post, our invitations are almost ready and we will be passing it to you in the coming weeks. In this other post, you can have a preview of what you are going to receive. We sincerely hope that you like it and will be excited for us as we get nearer to this important weekend!

2. Come Dressed for the Occasion!

We will be having our wedding in 2 days. Please read your invitation carefully. We have 2 invitations, so if you got a set of 2, you are invited to both event!

Day 1 (19 June 2010) is an outdoor wedding which will be romantic and possibly solemn. The dress code is Summer Chic, so come in your most colorful dressings! Don’t be too casual but at the same time, stay comfortable as the weather could be real hot (35 degrees celsius yesterday!!). We will be providing what we can to make you as comfortable and cool as possible, so do not worry. We are envisioning an outdoor garden atmosphere so let’s make it possible!

Very nice summer chic suggestions!

Day 2 (Sunday 20 June 2010) is our banquet celebration in Conrad, so come in your formal dressings or smart casuals. (Hellen’s edit: Our banquet is inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany’s the movie, as well as the color theme: Black-White-Tiffany. So feel free to dress up in Little Black Dress or channel your Audrey Hepburn obsession here!) For the guys, formal wear is preferable. But nice looking jeans with shirt is acceptable too..

It will be a fun-filled evening for all as you walked down memory lane with us through the night.


3. Provide Your Well-Wishes through the RSVP Page!

In our blog, we have an RSVP page, so please provide your RSVP through the page by adding a comment. You can give your advance well-wishes too as we will truly appreciate that!

4. Don’t be in a Hurry to GO!!

For both days, especially on the first day, we have some surprises, so don’t be in a hurry to go!! So after our matrimony service, enjoy the sumptuous food but stick around as we have something special for you! Yes, that means YOU!

5. Smile in spite of Anything!

A lot of what we are doing is dependent on the weather so please keep us in prayers for awesome weather (no rain but not too scorching hot also!!!) In addition, no matter how much we plan, some hiccups may occur. But no worries, keep smiling! I really hope that you can enjoy yourself and keep yourself pumped up throughout the wedding for the photos and videos.

So all in all, my dear friend, I hope you can enjoy this wedding as it marks our union. When you received the invites from us, make yourself available and get ready to enjoy an atypical Singaporean wedding and have a whale of a time!

Finally a little song that I love as I prepare myself for the wedding:


Thanks and see you there!

Yours sincerely,

Winston aka Wee Kiong aka Weiqiang aka Xiao Qiang aka Ah Kiong ah….

PS: Happy Mommy Day to all!”

Countdown to Wedding Day (19-06-10): 43 days

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