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With the actual wedding day slightly more than half a year away, we are locking down our major vendors quickly. In the past few weeks, we have decided on a few more vendors and we still have more decisions to make.

One of the decisions we made was with regards to our videographer. There are numerous wonderful wedding videographers in the market today, such as the uber-romantic Substance Films and the vibrant people from Moomedia Pte Ltd. But with Hellen, we collectively decided that Alvinadeline Weddings will be our wedding videographers for our Holy Matrimony Ceremony.

We met Adeline on a Friday evening, along with one of our brothers, Kevin. Adeline was a pleasant lady who showed us their works. But what struck me personally is her similarity to another vendor we have, Wansheng. Like Wansheng who was an engineer before dwelling into wedding photography, Adeline was a former accountant, before venturing into the unknown of wedding videography. Initially I mistook Alvin and Adeline as a couple… but they are actually siblings working on a wedding business. We did see Alvin later in the evening although it was not planned, but the smiles from the siblings assured me that they are truly passionate about their work. It is always great to work with people that does not treat the wedding business as a ‘business’, but as a ‘lifestyle’.

For the videos from Alvinadeline, they are heavily influenced by Western works, but due to the clients they work with, the tinge of ‘Singaporean-ness’ is still there, which is by itself not a bad thing too. This hybrid of East meet West provides a backdrop for classy works that are not too tacky, but still exuberates a romantic feel through their videos.

Countdown to Wedding Day (19-06-10): 188 days

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