He says: Preparing for the Taiwan Photoshoot!

Finally, on 11 Nov 09 (very nice date by the way), Hellen and I will embark on our trip to Taiwan for our pre-wedding photoshoot! I pray and hope and pray and hope that it will be a great trip and the photos we take will be very good!

So with less than one week away, I have to prepare myself in more ways than one for the trip.

#1: Physical Conditioning: Be Slimmer => Result: FAIL!

I tried eating less carbo (I did cut down a bit), eat more vegetarian food (I am still a carnivore), run more (did not manage to do that, still running the bare minimum), go on a diet (as Hellen’s T-shirt says: Diet Starts Tomorrow!) and fast (I have no determination)… Ok, the truth is, I have not slimmed down at all! I am still the same, no breakthrough on that…

Diet Starts Tomorrow!
Blantant Procrastination

Oh well… Thank God there is something like Photoshop around…

#2: Gown Readiness: Bring our MTM Gown to Taiwan => Result: Almost Done!

Hellen had already gone for 2 fittings with Di Gio Bridal on her made-to-measure gowns. We are due one more fitting and collection of the gown. Our plan is to bring the gown to Taiwan for our photoshoot. Although Bluebay already has 5 gowns for our choosing, we wanted to have our own MTM gown to be one of the main highlights of the photoshoot.

#3: Financial Preparation: Bring $ => Result: Should have Enough!

Ah!!! Always the problem with all couples… For couples going overseas for wedding shoot, remember to factor in costs of transport, extra days of accommodation, costs of extra photos from PS, shopping costs and food costs! I hope I have enough for these… Personally I am not going for shopping, but I think I can’t control myself with the Taiwan delicacies.

#4: Props Arrangement: Add-ons to our Photoshoot => Result: Still asking!

One thing BB promised is that they have loads of props that we can used. After looking through their photos, Hellen decided to have some stuff, like balloons, bicycle, old-school umbrellas and I added in a birdcage just for good measures.










Anyways, we are pretty well-prepared…. oh.. wait.. I have not decided on our travel itinerary! Time to discuss and get to work…

Countdown to Wedding Day (19-06-10): 224 days

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