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I am back from the hustle and bustle of Jakarta, Indonesia and it was a good time. Eye-opening experiences for my parents and this was a great chance for both sets of parents to finally meet. Everything went well and I gained a new set of parents in the process, so all’s good!

Before we went for the trip, we were considering our actual day photography and videography. We did shortlisted a couple of photojournalists for our actual day photography, including Gabriel Mendes, 39 East and LightedPixels. But due to budget constraints and other issues such as photography style, we decided on this guy called Wansheng, who started Feldberyl Images.

We liked his style a lot, as it is not posey, and he takes the pictures from a unique, spectator point of view. He captured images as if he is standing in a small corner, but still manages to find the right moment of spontaneous emotion for his pictures. Some photographers can have a rapid-fire style and yet can’t find a ‘good’ picture in the mass of options. Hellen and I loved this set of pictures on Jesse and Sharon.

Only one word to describe this.. sweet..
Only one word to describe this.. sweet..

When we met him a couple of months ago, it was at his place and he was really laid back. He showed us his portfolio and talked to us casually on his work. The thing I liked about him was that he is passionate about his photos but not hard-up on your business. He does not insist on having your business by providing promotions, extras or compromises. You either take his rate or leave it, as to him, his love for photos is more important then a business deal. His career background is in a way similar to mine. He was an engineer before, but after working for a period of time, he knew a 9-5 job is not for him. He loved photo-taking of sceneries and non-animate objects, and was asked to take pictures for his friend’s wedding. Although he was not experienced then, he still did a pretty good job, mainly due to his unique perspective in capturing the ‘moments’.

Anyone who can take a photo of a condom like this is a winner in my book. Balloon sculptures anyone?

 Anyone who can take a photo of a condom like this is a winner in my book. Balloon sculptures anyone?

 Countdown to Wedding Day (19-06-10): 360 days

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