He says: R-E-N-O-V-A-T-E!!

It seems the change in lifestyle with Diary and Design Wedding has made it harder to blog regularly (which I see from other wedding associated vendors as well). In addition, my new toy (Xbox 360) is really taking up my time [Xbox Live Gamertag is ‘Kiongster’, add me!]. But stay tuned as we try to upload the photos of the weddings we have done recently: the colorful wedding at Batam, the romantic musical wedding in Fullerton, the deja-vu wedding in OMSQ and the dreamy wedding in Burkill Hall.

But while we are preparing for other people’s wedding, we are meeting different contractors and IDs for our dream home as well. It is renovation time!! As we await our keys to come from HDB (what’s taking them so long!), we are sourcing the right vendor. I am surfing around at the various forums such as Renotalk and Punggol.org to see what others are doing and the various tips available out there. One thing’s for sure, there is much MORE renovation blogs than wedding blogs out there. Guess a lot of Singaporeans like to share on the ideas they have of their humble abode.

Again, Hellen is not your typical Singaporean gal (well, she’s Indonesian for a start) and her ideas are different. That’s what I loved about her: not conforming and having the ability to dream and make the dream come to pass. She’s like the Asian version of Martha Stewart…. And of course you can find her Interior Design Board here.

And if you are a tru-blu Singaporean who is looking for a  renovation blog that is informative and useful, here’s one I want to recommend: “All you need to know about Renovation“. They really provide quite a lot of useful info (especially in the Popular Posts section) for transforming your little HDB flat into a space you absolutely adore!

We promise the next post to be full of pics!

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