He says: Road-Trip Happenings.. (Part I)

This is a recap on one of the most intensive wedding preparation day Hellen and I had. It was on 18 May 09, almost 2 months ago. We had our Vesak Day off and we decided we want to make trips to different wedding vendors for several items. Initially, we wanted to go to Fullerton to take a look and we have already made an appointment with them. But after feedbacks from our friends and the outstanding impression (and sentimental inclination from me) of Conrad, we scrapped that off and decided with Conrad before 18 May.

First stop, Feldberyl Images! Hellen made the appointment with Wansheng,  and at that point of time, I have yet to really look through his photos. But Hellen was raving about him, so I was convinced before meeting him that his standard is high. He does not have a shop or office space, but instead does his business negotiation in his humble abode. We were quite lost when we were looking for his place, as there are 2 streets that were named very similarly and both streets have his house number. The first one we went to was wrong and we saw a Thai deity statue there. Our first thought at that time was hmmmm… But it was OK as we got to the right house eventually.

He showed us his portfolio, some of which was pasted on the wall, some of which was through his laptop. Hellen was familiar with his work so we were satisfied at the get-go. I asked the more practical questions like his transport, his food, how he would be following us etc. I remembered his comment that we asked a lot more questions than a typical couple. He mentioned that there are couples he never even met until the actual wedding day. Oh well… I guess, that’s just me, Singaporean Kiasu-ism at work. He did shared a bit about his career decision. As mentioned before in an earlier post, he was an engineer but always have a keen interest in photography, especially inanimate objects and sceneries. He was asked to be a wedding photographer by a friend, and found out he was great in it. Marrying his interest and career seemed like a natural process and he became a full-time wedding photographer. He was laid back in his conversations and in a subtle reassuring way, made me feel really comfortable about getting him to do the job.

The thing is this: for someone taking my wedding photos.. I felt the best person must be someone that can stay in the background, not draw attention to himself but most of all, think like the bride and groom. In a way, he gave me the assurance that he is able to achieve that and he can take the important moments of the wedding just like how I want it to be seen. I remembered that as we stepped out of his place, I was telling Hellen I really liked him, but I am comfortable with having him (would have felt better if the price tag is not so hefty).

Below are 2 of his recent photos that I liked a lot:

Nice flowing feel prior to throwing the bouquet
Nice flowing feel prior to throwing the bouquet
The groom's dad had the Double-O 7 look in him..
The groom’s dad had the Double-O 7 look in him..2nd stop of the day: the Bank! Not going into too much details, we finally got our joint account done, which is a must for couples planning their finances for their wedding.

I will share the next few stops in subsequent posts, cheerio!
Countdown to Wedding Day (19-06-10): 341 days

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