He says: Road Trip!!!

Photo Credits: http://masalamommas.com/2017/05/31/planning-road-trip-kingston-ontario/

Just a short post today..

I went for a wedding road trip with Hellen! We took our Vesak Day off today and went around to various places to take a look for our impending wedding.

We met a few of our potential actual day photographers and Holy Matrimony Venues. It was a very fruitful day as I spent it with my loved one for a common cause and we came to similar decisions.

Here’s a list of people and places we went:

1. Feldberyl Photography

2. 39 East Photography

3. Fort Canning

4. Burkill Hall, National Orchid Garden

5. One Rochester

While we have decided on our pre-wedding shoot and banquet location, I am sure our actual day photographer and HM venue will be decided soon too.

Thank God for the wonderful day! Amen!

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