He says: Taiwan Storyland

Other than choosing the gowns, deciding the route, taking wedding photos and choosing the photos, we got to eat different types of local food and went to different places in Taiwan. I was really glad Hellen was with me as she was great company!

We reached on an evening, and that evening was spent finding food in Shilin Market, some shopping in the night market and resting for the next day. I did not prepare a specific itinerary for the trip, although I have a pretty clear idea of where we will cover during this trip. But I want to present this gem of a place that was totally unplanned, which we went on the second day of our trip: Taiwan Storyland!

It is a small exhibition type of place that showcases the old lifestyle of Taiwanese, in the period of time of 40s and 50s I believed. There were exhibits of the toys played, eating places, cinema, vehicles during those time. Here are some photos we took of the place:

As Hellen really likes vintage stuff, it was heaven-sent for her! I was amazed at the professionalism of the Storyland’s design. There is even an old provision store inside where they sell candies in old packagings and a place where visitors can play old funfair games. It was a nice break from the hassle of wedding photo-taking. More importantly, I am glad Hellen found something she liked!

Countdown to Wedding Day (19-06-10): 204 days

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