He says: Thank You (Part 1) – Serene Koong

Well, as I return to blogging here, I will like to dedicate my next few posts to the people who made our wedding possible. Some seems to think that the wedding is all about the couple, but forget to appreciate the people who dedicate their lives to making the dreams of couples come true.

The first person that I want to thank is someone that is already making waves in the Chinese Pop scene in Singapore, and she is Serene Koong (龔芝怡). She is one of the 3 musicians (along with Matthew and Boon Chye) that played during our banquet. The music (with the piano and saxophone) and the beautiful singing voice of Serene really enhances the evening, as compared to CDs. Several guests reflected to us on the soothing music and simply how awesome Serene’s voice is.

Prior to the wedding, we did not know about Serene, just that she was a backup singer for Stephanie Sun. So imagine my surprise when I saw her album being presented in newspaper articles! So even when we are in the midst of our wedding preparation, she was readying her album release!

Since she did such a good job for our wedding, here I will do my part to promote her CD: “55:38:7”

Check out her songs here:  http://www.myspace.com/serenekoong

.. and see more of her promotional stuff here: http://blog.serenekoong.com/

Serene’s Debut Album!

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