He says: Thank You (Part 2) – Alvinadeline Videography

Our very Capable Videographers!

To me, a very important aspect of the wedding banquet or service are the videos shown. Through the couples’ creativity, we can find funny MTVs or life stories or even appreciation videos from friends all around. However, these videos can all be done way in advance. The wedding videographer that has to do the same-day-edits (SDEs) for the morning highlights in time for the evening banquet is the one with the really tough job. After watching the numerous wedding videos in preparation for our wedding and Hollywood movies for my own entertainment, camera shots and angles have become something quite fascinating to me. I am not going to research and be an expert in this, but I marvel when the videographer are able to capture that right moment that brings out the best of the couple in motion.

Recently our videographers, Alvinadeline updated their blog regularly again. Juggling between moving to their new office, shooting all the weddings and preparing themselves for the peak period of weddings coming at the end of 2010, I think it will not hurt to give them further endorsement of how well they have handled our weddings. Credit to Hellen of course for decorating and designing the wedding with the photographs and videos in mind.

Personally, I want to thank Adeline for being really nice in introducing their videos to us and ensuring us that they will be able to do a good job. Alvin and the assistant was real friendly and reassuring during the actual shooting, and it’s quite amazing how the 2-man team was able to produce the wonderful video with just 2 guys. A very sincere ‘thank-you’ to the wonderful team! After the wedding, several friends enquired about the possibility of engaging them as well, giving further testimonies that the video produced was well-received.

Dear readers, if you have time, check out their portfolio to see some of the amazing work they have done!

Special mentions to… our wedding!


And a rather unique pre-wedding video based on Alice in Wonderland…


I have always been a fan of their SDE, so I will highly recommend them for any weddings!

One last note, when we were collecting our final DVDs from Adeline, we got more chance to talk to her and listen to her as she told us how she juggled her full-time job and part-time videography work in the past. This is so similar to Hellen, who has a full-time job, a part-time business as a wedding designer and being a full-time wife to boot! I guess chasing the dream will always require sacrifices, so if you think you are cut out for a dream big and unusual, step out and grab it!

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7 Responses

    1. Hi Winston & Hellen,

      Thank you for your faith in us to capture your special moments! We are very happy that you love the wedding video.

      Hi Hearttypat, the filming was done in 1 day. We started very early and ended near dusk. The opening sunrise scene was shot at 650am-7am.
      Post production was of course longer than 1 day. 🙂

  1. The Beyond Wonderland clip took 1 full day to shoot, and quite a while to get the edit right. 2 guys and 1 assistant for video and 1 great photographer from RedCo Photography slogged it out with the wonderful couple who had to fight with mosquitoes (Hellen and Winston was better coz they had to fight with bees during their matrimonial ceremony! Their flowers were simply irresistable for the buzzing ones).

    1. Well Jenny, I guess u really need to check with Alvin or Adeline for their new price package! All I can assure u is their quality work.

  2. hi! hellen and winston, i like the background music for ur wedding montage. 😀 what is the title of the song?

    1. For the background music, it is one of my favourite songs last year, Vanilla Twilight from Owl City.

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