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While Hellen links a lot of wedding-inspired websites and blogs in her posts, quite a few websites link to ours as well. In the course of looking through those websites, there are several cool sites out there that I believed will interest and inspire the BTB and GTB for the preparation of their wedding. I will like to share some of the interesting and quirky ones, so that YOU can be inspired and believed that the perfect dream wedding that you want is absolutely within your reach.

1. DIY Wedding | Craftgossip

Craftgossip is a wonderful network of sites that touches on different topics. DIY wedding is one of the newer sections and the sharing ranges from event decoration, invitation, cake toppers (my favourite!), table settings, guest books and wedding accessories. Very cool and in a way, quite minimalist as well. Highly recommended to check out!

2. The Urban Bride

This site is manned by a team of cool ‘urban’ ladies (well, seriously, there isn’t a lot of ‘rural’ gals in Singapore right?), showcasing cool, unconventional wedding, for gals that loved the ‘Sex and the City’ lifestyle. The only downside of this site is that, it has not been really updated for a few months… maybe it has been relocated?

3. Pinterest

Rather than a regular blog, this is more of a pin board for the entire internet community. See what you like from anywhere online and pin the picture and link on the wall! As simple as that, you can share your love out there. When you just need some inspiration, you can go there and check out the random stuff pinned. Hellen’s dollies envelopes are pinned!

And finally something that has nothing to do with wedding whatsoever…

4. Do Nothing for 2 Minutes

Are you panicking and your mind going all over the place with wedding preparation? Maybe you just need to calm down in this fast-paced world and the lead-up to the most important day of your life. Take 2 minutes of your life to take a deep breath and enjoy a moment of solitude and calm. One of the greatest joy in life is to enjoy doing nothing, don’t you think so?

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