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I have never really thought about getting a tailor-made wedding suit, and I was pretty sure this will be one part of the wedding budget I am saving on. Well, till now, this thinking has still not changed, I am still not getting an expensive suit, just renting whatever Di Gio Bridal has, and make sure it is one that complements Hellen’s gown well. One of my brothers, Kevin, actually got a nice Topman suit for himself… and this leads me to thinking, it will be nice to have a good suit for myself too. But then again, logic and frugality prevails here. However, it does not stop me from researching more about guys’ wedding suit in Singapore, cause I know there is a growing trend out there for sophisticated wedding suit.A bit more about myself.. I am fat, not obese, but fat. And I am not proportional. I am the “Judo Guy” from “Slam Dunk”. That means I have short legs and a longer body… so I don’t look good in tux (as evident from my Taiwan pictures with tux) .

I am the Judo Man from Slam Dunk. Short legs, long body.

But no matter what type of body you have, the suit people can find a way to make you look good. So I used my internet snooping skills to find out more about wedding suits.  Here’s a good wikipedia link on the Black Tie dress code, which is the dress code of formal evening events, such as a wedding.  I have found another link that talks about the Groom’s suit tips (Credits to About.com: Weddings).

Men’s suits are on the rise, as evident by this brilliant boutique that I see sprouting all over Singapore (ok sprouting is a bit too much): T.M. Lewin. Check out their FB page for more of their innovative suits. But personally, I do prefer something more casual.

This is what I liked… casual and cool and composed all at the same time!

One last thing that is off-topic… iPad is here! I am absolutely thrilled about this, as it is one of my dream gadgets deep in the recesses of my mind… can’t wait to get a hold of it when it’s out. My No. 1 target in the 2nd half of 2010.

Countdown to Wedding Day (19-06-10): 144 days

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