He says: The Proposal – Panic!

Photo Credits: Robbins Brothers

So the fateful day came, 31 Dec 2008. I have made all my preparation ready, all our friends are in town and in the know. It is time to execute the plan!

We all met up and proceeded to Timbre, Old School. Earlier in the day, me and Kevin went up to Timbre to place the flowers I bought for the occasion too. I got 99 roses and placed it in the Timbre fridge. It was huge (the flowers)…

[Tip for Proposal #1 – Big Flowers! It dazzles the mind, distracts the gal, makes the gal too guilty to say no… Big flowers FTW!]

Anyways, the day did not start well. When we were all gathered around Plaza Singapura, we went up. Being the cheapskate I was, I thought is was frugal to just walk up. Eh… the flight of stairs was ultra long, and frankly, it was quite a workout…

[Tip for Proposal #2 – Don’t Be Stingy! How many times are you going to propose in your life??!! Hopefully, once. So spare no expenses, make it memorable. Money = Memories, for everything else, there’s Mastercard..]

[Tip for Proposal #3 – Keep Fit! You never know when your body will be put to the test in a proposal. I did not realise the long flight of steps! Never good to say “*Pant pant*… will you… *wheezeee* marry *pant* me??]

When we got there, it wasn’t time for Pam & Fatt’s gig yet. So we ordered some drinks and food.

[Tip for Proposal #4 – Time Schedule! Make sure you are not too early for the proposal. If you take too long to reach the moment, suspicions and awkward silence sets in.. which in a sense of the word means.. it’s awkward]

No more long and corny texts. I am going to post the pictures from the day and briefly mention what went on. This is going to be a long one…


So we are in Timbre waiting for the 'moment', and these are my childhood friends and their galfriends.

Passing time as we wait on. Mingling around...

A rare pic of the 3 guys that grew up with me: JH+Nah+Ni!

The gig is up, here is Fatt getting ready for the performance.

With Ari now, making sure everything is ok.

My other good friends, and the setting we are in, Timbre.

Final confirmation of what's happening.. although I think something is going to go wrong very soon...

Hellen tells me she suspects a proposal and she is very uncomfortable...

I assured her I was not going to propose... as she did not want to be pressured into it... oh well..

Apologies to the rest of the guys, guess the proposal is indeed off..

But I do not want to waste this opportunity.. I decided the show must go on!


Countdown to Wedding Day (19-06-10): 252 days

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