He says: The Proposal – Performance

Photo Credits: Robbins Brothers

I decided it is time to ‘Just Do It’! I was invited by Pam & Fatt on stage, and here it all begins…

12 Pam Fatt and Me
After nerve-wrecking minutes, I was introduced on stage by Pam & Fatt for my ‘Showtime’!
13 Is He Going to Make a Fool of Himself
Hellen is sitting down there with her best friend Kat.. waiting for me to make a fool of myself yet again…
14 My Speech
I gave my speech… I totally forgot what I said, but it must have been touching.. I guess..
15 Touched
I think she’s touched, not by the outcome, but at least by the effort I think.
16 For the First Time
For the first time, when I look into your eyes..
17 Can You Feel the Love Tonight
Although mine is not the best singing voice, at the moment, it was the most heartfelt.
18 Love is.. For the First Time
… I tried my best to look the part and sound the part.
19 Kiss Me
We had our first dance, as Pam & Fatt sang ‘Kiss Me’. Nice!
20 The First Dance
It was a wonderful moment… and I am glad we captured it.
21 Thank You!
It was a thank you… but note, I did not propose through the whole incident.. yet…

After this long-winded picture marathon, I have yet to say the words ‘Will you marry me?’ Cause she did not want me to propose in public.

All is not lost though, the night is not over yet, and I am going to propose in a way she did not expect. Stay tuned for the finale!

Countdown to Wedding Day (19-06-10): 235 days

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