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OK, so I told Hellen I won’t propose in 2008…. Haha, it was cruel… But in a way I assured her that I will propose..

So it is time to plan:

Keys to proposal planning: Time, venue, people, memories, ring, process!

Time – 1 Jan 2009, 12 midnight

[Why? Because I felt that since I told her I won’t propose in 2008, I want to also show her that I can’t wait to marry her. So what better time to propose than the first moment of 2009, right after the countdown]

Place – Timbre, Old School

[We don’t really have a memorable place together… but I was trying to find a romantic location, with nice music. My initial first choice was the Jazz pub, Jazz@SouthBridge, but on countdown night, there was a performance by some international artiste and I can’t propose on that day, according to the management. Got to throw that idea aside, and Timbre came into my mind next. Out of all the Timbre location, Mount Sophia Old School is the one with the old building, quiet, serene, school-like atmosphere.  In addition, the music for Old School is not loud and brash, but instead acoustic, sentimental fares. This seems like what I want]

People – Our Best Friends, Katryn, Arie, Junhong, Nah, Ni

[I planned to have my best friends (Junhong, Nah, Ni) and her best friends, Katryn and Arie to be in town for the proposal as well. I felt that it is important for our friends to share in this happy occasion. I did talk to Katryn before about this proposal, and she cooked up a tale that she needs to be in town for some medical checkup. Thank God they were consulted as they played a huge part in the proposal. By the way, my childhood friends and some of my best friends were told to come to.]

Memories – Videos and Photos – Eunice’s Help!

[I planned to have the whole process video-taped down and for the photos to be taken as well. I want it to be something we can really remember even as we grow old]

Ring – Proposal Ring

[Another essential object in the whole proposal was the ring. After consultation with Junhong and Dex and other people’s 2 cents, I decided on a ring finally… More on that later!]

Process – The Master Plan

[One of the main issue that decided my plan was whether Hellen liked a public or private proposal. Some feel that a public proposal is pressurizing while others love the attention of a public proposal. I ‘thought’ that Hellen will love a public proposal, so here’s my plan in a nutshell: Invite our best friends for a night out at Timbre for the 2009 New Year Countdown. After countdown, I will get on stage to sing a song for Hellen. Then I will give a speech, take out the ring and flowers, and pop the all-important question! She will say yes, friends and strangers will cheer, memories will be kept and everybody goes home happy!]

The only thing is: things did not go as planned AT ALL!!!!

By the way, this was not the proposal photo! How did it end up here?

This was NOT the proposal photo!
This was NOT the proposal photo!

Next up: the Preparation!

Countdown to Wedding Day (19-06-10): 272 days

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