He says: The Proposal – Preparation (The Ring & The Lie)

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Now that my preliminary planned outline is done, time to put all the pieces into place.

The most important singular object of a proposal is none other than the proposal ring! At the period of time before my proposal, my other 2 friends (Junhong and Nah) were looking for their respective rings to propose to their girlfriends too. A common topic among us will be what ring we are getting.

The common source we used was this website: ProposalRing.com.

I am an engineer, so I want value for money with a heavy emphasis on substance, so I studied the website to know what is the important things we need to look out for. Of course the 4Cs came into play: Cut, Clarify, Carat and Colour. I am not going into the technicalities, as you can find all that from the website, but here are my 2 cents (or nuggets of knowledge from experience):

1. Although cut is the most important aspect of the diamond, it also causes the greatest discrepancy in the cost of the ring. Always weigh your own finances against the need to get a premium cut. Premium cut may be very good, but look at your own finances first. Never break your bank!

2. I think most girls don’t know the difference in the 4Cs (I am not talking about Hellen!), sometimes a simple gesture of finding a ring and presenting is more touching and important than the quality of the ring itself. Personally I put Carat > Cut.

This one Wednesday, I was in the gym. California Fitness Bugis. I have just researched on the ring info and I was excited. Initially I was intending to wait for some warehouse sale to purchase the ring. But the eagerness of getting a ring overcame me. I kept thinking about the ring as I was running… and buay tahan! I stopped and went down to Bugis Junction and started shopping around. I wasn’t planning on getting the ring that quickly, but I was asking in the various shops, I stumbled upon this particular ring in Soo Kee which had the specs I wanted. After a quick call to several friends, I bought the ring on the spot! What a gym session this turned out to be…

I bought the ring, now comes another hard part. I conspired with Katryn and Ari, deciding on which is the best excuse for them to come down to Singapore in such a time, without making Hellen suspicious. So we cooked up a tale about Kat needing to come down to Singapore to take some vaccination (they are based in Jakarta by the way).

Now that the ring and story is complete. My next step is to look for the location…

Countdown to Wedding Day (19-06-10): 267 days

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