He says: The Proposal – Preparation (Timbre & the Song)

Photo Credits: Robbins Brothers

2 months before New Year Day 2009, I began sourcing for the place. As written in an earlier post, I went to Jazz@South Bridge first, but due to the performances on countdown day, I got no choice but to find another alternative. After much consideration, I decided on Timbre@Old School, which is at Mount Sophia.

With the focus on pure acoustic music, Timbre@Old School is romantic, soothing, music for the soul… haha.. in essence great for a proposal. So after some email correspondence with the management, we arranged for a time to practice for the proposal. Anyways, I did not remember the actual day of the practice, it was either one or 2 months before the proposal, falling somewhere in the Oct / Nov 2008 time.  I went with 2 of my bros, Kev and YC, cause it feels really odd if I go alone… and I am shy (cue vomiting motion)…

Pam and Fatt are really nice people! Pam has that naturally powerful voice that you hear from Idol contestants. Fatt is a ultra-talented musician and a wiz at the guitar. Although it is an acoustic set, for some songs, he will be playing the percussionist role using his feet! I am not sure what he uses, but it sounds real cool. He can sing very well too!

I have planned 2 songs: Always Be My Baby (David Cook version) and For the First Time by Kenny Loggins (Hellen’s favouritest song from the movie One Fine Day) –



I planned to only sing the chorus of the first song, and the whole of the second song… hahah… it was not to be on the actual day though…

Anyways, the very nice Pam and Fatt was sharing their pizza with me during their first gig interval. Pam was especially excited since it is her first time doing a proposal in Timbre, so she was encouraging and assuring all at the same time. I was amazed too that both Pam and Fatt are married, not to each other though. Maybe it is due to my inner prejudice that arty-farty people are loners… They told me to enjoy my food and drinks and wait for the second gig interval to do some practice… haha…

OK, so while we were waiting for the practice, we enjoyed the music, drinks and atmosphere. I still remembered some poor guy who dedicated a song to a total stranger at another table, the funny thing was that as Pam was reading the dedication, the lady pointed at her ring! Talk about a total bummer.

Finally the second session is over and it’s my turn to shine (or flop depending on the way you see it)! YC took my practice videos through his handphone so pardon me for the quality. Nonetheless, it is pretty cool and a great memory. Thanks to my bros for accompanying me on that day..



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