He says: The Proposal – Prologue

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So here I begin my attempt at a short story.. a true real-life account of how a failed proposal attempt turned alright at the end..

And it began like this:

A typical Singaporean guy’s proposal goes like this: “Hey dear, you know hor… I just checked out the HDB website and there is these flats being built near Punggol. I think we should ballot for it. It will be a great idea if we can get it.”

A typical Singaporean gal’s response goes like this: “OK, I think it is good. Quite near our parents, easy for them to help out in taking care of our baby. As long as you like it ba. You do the admin stuff ok?”

Here’s what the guy thinks in his heart: “Cool! Steady!~~ I knew it was going to be easy. We are together for so long liao… no way she will say no. Testing water complete.. let’s just ballot, get the flat, get married and make some babies.. yoohoo!!”

Here’s what the gal thinks in her heart: “Damn.. too late… should  have thought properly… should not have said yes so soon… this is so Singaporean, and not romantic at all! HDB is not equal to I want to marry you! But I have already said yes… don’t know whether this blockhead will just forget about THE PROPOSAL!!!”

Now the problem is this… I am a typical Singaporean guy, and she is not a typical Singaporean gal. Hellen is more of an idealistic Indonesian gal.

While we have been together for less than 2 years, I was sure I am going to marry Hellen. Out of all the necessities in life, I know that housing is the most time-consuming and tedious item to get done. So like any typical Singaporean lions, I was contemplating about the house we are getting. Getting a house became a common topic, especially if I was talking with some pals who are at the same stage of their life, especially Junhong and Nah. Checking out the HDB website became a daily occurrence and we keep looking for the ideal spot. As with most couples our age, the most ‘promising’ locale in Singapore lies in the Northeast, namely Punggol. I have a special affinity for any locations near the MRT, as I have been living near the MRT stations all my life (first Redhill, then Tiong Bahru). So even though Punggol seems far, Punggol Sapphire is just beside the MRT and seems like a good place.

My future humble abode!... I mean one of the flat is...
My future humble abode!… I mean one of the flat is…

So I told her that I was looking for flats and we shall ballot one together. She said Yes!.. without thinking of it much… At the time she said yes, she did not realize… that for a typical Singaporean couple, this could already mean a proposal. So as we efficiently got the queue number and plan to select the flat… she began to realize… from her friends… that she may be walking into a trap! She started to realize that a lot of guys use this as a way to propose… and by getting the house with me.. she is in a way agreeing to marry me. Her dreams of a perfect proposal started tumbling down! What??? This stupid balloting thing is the proposal??? That’s it?? Where’s my romantic scenario???

She became real worried and talk to me about it one day. She was afraid I was not going to propose… well the fact is this:

I may LOOKED TALKED ACT like a typical Singaporean, but I will NOT propose like a typical Singaporean.

All these happened in mid 2008 and I promised her I will not propose to her in 2008. So with that my mind start churning, it is time to plan. Next up… the plan!

Countdown to Wedding Day (19-06-10): 278 days

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