He says: Treasure Trove from Blue-Bay

Finally!.. (in actual fact, we did not wait toooo long)… We have our albums from Blue-Bay! It was courier-ed to us a couple of days ago, and we were excited to see the final product!!

So without further delays, here’s what we got!!

We got these stuffs and more!!

We got a guest book scroll of one of our photos (for guests to leave their congrats in), a framed copy of our chosen photo, a DVD of our photo’s softcopy, 2 small photo album of our chosen photos, our pre-wedding photo album and a suit-case carrier for our album. But if you notice the centre picture, there are 2 suitcases! Why??? (Eh… I am going to answer my own question… ) We have an extra behind-the-scenes album!!!

This behind-the-scene album contains pictures that was taken outside our normal pre-wed photos, that showed what happened behind the scene in our shoot. Our shoot was plagued by rain and mud, and in this album you can see how we struggle through the rain, with great help from the Taiwan team, as well as how some of the ‘effects’ like flowing gown was made. Here’s a sneak peek!


Notice the mud on our legs in the right pic? Well, we will keep the rest secret for now, our guests will see them during our banquet!

All in all, I guess it was money well-spent with Blue-Bay. We were excited seeing the final product and they did make things happen. Not only did we get the photos we wanted, we received the memory of the experience in Taiwan too. So thumbs-up for Blue-Bay and we highly recommend them to any couple seeking an unique photo-taking experience in Taiwan.

We like what we got!

Countdown to Wedding Day (19-06-10): 133 days

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