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After seeing how Hellen is helping the various couples who engage her, I do see a general desire for a couple to do something creative for their wedding. I guess it’s not about couples not wanting a special wedding, but couples generally have problems conceptualizing and executing their wedding. With the recent General Election in Singapore, it seems that social media is playing a huge part in the outcome. A recent website that was given to us by a couple gives me further ideas of how we can do wedding the ‘Social Media’ way. Using this website as an example, I will propose some ideas that couples can integrate in their own wedding!

[Some disclaimer here though: As this is a US wedding with overseas guests, some of the ideas here may not be applicable for all.]

Welcome to the Wedding of Adam and Kari Smith!

Welcome one and all!

Idea #1: Webpage as your invite

Rather than paying for envelopes and printers for the official invite, why not make your webpage the invite itself? Of course the limiting factor will be the less tech-savvy relatives and friends you may have… The more traditional guests will definitely prefer something more solid, but I believed in a few years’ time, this will become more popular with (almost) everyone going online.

Idea #2: Programmes and Itinerary

This is especially useful for overseas guests, who may not be familiar with what to do in town when the wedding is not the focus anymore. In this example, the couple proposed different options for the accomodation, food, shopping, leisure activities and nightlife. Another suggestion will be putting the actual programme in there (if it is not too much of a surprise).

Idea #3: Directions

Thank God for Google Maps and all the other map websites out there! After going through a wedding myself, I know that other than hotels and famous landmarks, some outdoor wedding venues are quite hard to get to (ok, I admit… including mine). Having the online map such as in this example, makes it much easier for the guests to find how to get to the place.

Idea #4: RSVP

Having a form online to do your RSVP is both convenient and easy. Of course we cannot depend on just the online aspect for RSVP, as normally, a vast majority of the guests still need the phone to prompt them. Websites such as evite is popular in garnering online RSVP as well.

Idea #5: Well Wishes

It is also possible to provide a space on the webpage for the guests to send in their well-wishes. Contemporary ideas nowadays include the always-reliable guest scroll and wishing trees. We can make full use of the internet by letting the guests add in their comments of well-wishes and even video wishes. Well, we still have all these, don’t we…

The Whole Social Media Gang
A wedding is still one of the most beautiful day of your life, don’t let social media take away the intimacy!

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