Hellen says: 5 Things I Loved about Getting Hitched

Wedding is an enigma & interesting stage of our life. For most of us, it’s the biggest event in our entire life. When will we ever spend that kind of money for 1 day event?! It used to be just a tradition, but now time has changed. When I wrote this post 7 years ago, Pinterest was not even born yet! But now, everyone wants to have a Pinterest-worthy wedding. Although it is good & exciting to see many gorgeous images to inspired, we all get lost again in the traditions and trends. The trend of having paper flowers, the trend of having a rustic wedding (although maybe you hate the wooden old ruggart look). It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the thousands of imagery in Pinterest and we dive straight into what’s trendy now, without considering both of your personalities as a couple.

Perhaps we all have to start at “What is the objective of our wedding?” What do you love about getting  married?

It might not be coincidence that my first post of We Love Laugh Kiss is this post. So this is mine, 7 years ago. What’s yours?

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1. To rebuild my hope on marriage and romance. People say that when you get married, that is the end of your freedom and romance. I can’t fault that, because that happens to most of our parents’ generation. But this is our generation, we’ll do it our way! Just like my pastor who champions the cause of marriage, so do we! (I am so blessed to have the perfect man to walk with side by side)

2. It’s a one-in-a-lifetime event, and we are the centre of attraction. Being a sanguine, I love standing out from the crowd. I have been to many weddings, only a few left a mark in me, and those marks inspired us. We also want our wedding to leave that mark. Winston and I are not afraid to stand out in the spotlight.

3. I got to plan according to my preferences. Being a designer and somebody who is in the business of wedding invitation and stationeries, I am determined to design and prepare every little aspects in details, from the venue, dress, invitation, photo montage, table setting, etc.

4. A very supportive and open-minded Husband-to-be * very important aspect*

5. To share this beautiful moment with my loved ones, family and friends. Having my friends, housemates, cellgroup members support me in this event is an amazing boost to my wedding energy. The thought of preparing this big event, choosing the dress, with your long time best friend and sisters is like a dream come true.

Disclaimer : Every couple has different objective, so no competition here. We can’t publish all afterall.

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