How to Plan A Home Solemnization at Your HDB or Condo (Update 2022)

The news about weddings and solemnization keeps changing. 2021 has proven to be more challenging than last year but we persevere.

(Based on 19 Aug 2021 updates, the maximum number of attendees for the home solemnization must not exceed 10 attendees or 5 visitors in addition to the members of the hosting household, whichever is higher. This limit includes the couple but excludes the Licensed Solemnizer and vendors engaged to provide authorized services for the solemnization.)

For couples who want to get married now, one option is to plan a home solemnization. It may not be how you envisioned your wedding day, and we agree. Unfortunately, desperate times call for alternate plans. This is why having your solemnization at home may be one way to say I do.

Last year, we had a conversation with Melvin from Multifolds about tips on how to make an Insta-worthy wedding at Home. You can get the link at the end of this article.

Meanwhile, do read on!

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Who is a home solemnization suitable for ?

a. Couples who don’t want to push their wedding date forward (due to the current situation, the future is quite uncertain )

b. Couples who don’t mind having an intimate wedding with just a select few in attendance

home solemnization

c. Couples who don’t want to splurge the majority of their wedding budget on venue rental.

d. Couples who plan to host a banquet for friends and family later but don’t want to push the ROM date due to legal or personal reasons.

If you fall in any one of the above categories or are simply open to the idea of a home solemnization, read on…

how to plan a home solemnization
Weiwei – Chere Weddings

How to Plan a Home Solemnization #1 : The venue

Let’s address the elephant in the room first (in this case, the elephant being the room itself haha!) – the venue. Therefore, when we start planning the solemnization, we first start with setting the scene.

Let’s look at some key points here –

How much space do we have on hand ?

Which area will form the backdrop for the ROM?

Where will guests, if any , be seated ? What’s the maximum capacity that the area can hold ?

What theme of decor do we follow ?

Firstly, let’s assess the overall look of your house – the color of your walls, the type of furniture, the presence or absence of a balcony etc.

How to Plan a Home Solemnization #2 : The decor

Styling a space is not everyone’s cup of tea. Especially, if the space has size constraints like an HDB?Condo. Thankfully , Singapore has many stylists who can transform any venue into a wedding venue.

If you are keen on styling the venue yourself, simply pick a focal point first. This will be the area most photographed and the one that forms a backdrop for the ROM.

home solemnization

You can choose for this to be in the balcony and decorate the rails , or against a window if you don’t have a balcony. The windows would be easy to work with as a frame. If you don’t have either, a plain wall or a cleared out area can form the focal point for the couple to have the solemnization / ROM.

Solemnisation Decor in HDB starts from $900

Plan a Home Solemnization #3 : The layout and food

A dining table can easily double up as a solemnization table if you don’t have one on hand. Many caterers offer home catering for events and this can be used to order packed bento sets or even a fancy hot meal. Or you can always cook at home (we don’t advise the as the cooking smell and smoke would likely linger + there’s the additional hassle of cleaning up as well)

Plan a Home Solemnization #4 : Music & Dance

couple dance

Couples can use their home sound system or portable speakers to provide music for the march-in. Alternatively, wedding planners also rent out sound systems.

Space may be a constraint for dancing. Thankfully, couples may still be able to have a romantic first dance though with the help of the right lighting to create the desired ambience.

In 2020, during Circuit Breaker, Hellen and Melvin joined the conversation on how to make an Insta-worthy wedding. Watch it here!

For more wedding inspiration & wedding planning follow our blogs. Book our complimentary consultation here or Whatsapp us if you have a doubt at 9669 4213. We will be glad to help you!

*Please note : We are strictly following the government’s rules during the circuit breaker. All weddings are subject to and dependant on the guidelines to be followed post the CB period.

Please go to our Home Solemnisation Portfolio, to see how we can go about planning your wedding at your home.

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