Instagrammable Weddings During A Pandemic!

Despite the limitations caused by the pandemics, there should still be no unnecessary compromises on your big day! – Instagrammable Wedding is the way to go for!

Let’s face it, most of the weddings in different parts of the World are affected by the pandemics. We are forced to make countless painful decisions; cutting the number of guests, guiltily asking them to go for a swab test – just to mention a few. To play by the novel rules, some of us are opting for a more cosy Intimate Weddings and Virtual Weddings. The rise of Small Weddings have shifted our focus from the Party to the Marriage.”

Reasons why Instagrammable Wedding is a way to go for!

However, regardless of how much we need to bend ourselves to the misfortune that befell on us, there should still be zero compromises on how your wedding should look like. Because once you have overcome this dark period of time – fingers crossed – you wouldn’t want to sit in regret of how little efforts you put in for your wedding!

Moreover, hosting an “Instagrammable wedding” is a virtual treat to your guests as a way to convey your appreciation towards them! Judging from your decorations; flowery backdrops with a cohesive colour theme, the guests know how much thought you put in these details. Plus, you know that visually appealing environment produces positive vibes right? And that’s what we should aim for; having the guests remember the positive feelings and good impression of your wedding day.

Last but not least, your wedding photos will be posted on Instagram anyways. So you might not want your followers to see your wedding photos of you standing next to a bare table against an empty white wall.

What you will need prepare for a wedding

  • HAVE A WEDDING THEME – Firstly, a wedding Theme places a storyline around your set of big days- be it in costume , wedding décor, wedding venue ,catering and themes for all the function within your wedding ceremony, This makes it easy for someone to associate your wedding with the wedding theme, as well as for you.
  • HAVE A MOOD BOARD – Additionally, Instagrammable look is all about consistency and cohesiveness, you need a mood board as a style guide. Any decorations or elements of your wedding will be based on it; the colours, the texture etc.
  • HAVE A FOCAL POINT– Moreover, You can Choose One Area as a Focal Point. It can be Stage Backdrop, Photo backdrop, where you will have the spotlight all the time.
  • CHOOSE YOUR VENUE WITH NATURAL LIGHT (if possible ) – Lastly, natural lighting gives a softer look and it’s the best lighting to flatter the object.

6 popular themes for Instagrammable Wedding

  • RUSTIC – A rustic wedding theme or style is a styling theme which is inspired by simplicity of country life and references the outdoors.
Wedding with the Rustic theme
  • CLASSIC – Another timeless theme that suits couple with high taste, penchant for hosting and desire to impress. It will look good on bigger ballroom and mature guests.
Wedding with the Classic theme
  • ROMANTIC– Romantic theme exudes ethereal, dreamy, pastel tone and lots of flowers.
Wedding with the Romantic theme
  • MODERN– The preferred theme for the creative couple who wants something different yet not over-the-top but still speaks of love.
Wedding with the Modern theme
  • GLAMOUR– Glamorous weddings often have a few jaw-dropping details
Wedding with the Glamour theme
  • UNIQUE– This theme will suit couples who believe in expressing their personalities or interests. It could be a Star Wars fan, bicycle lover or love to travel.
Wedding with the Unique theme

Last but not least, if you need an assistance or guidance as to how you can plan your Instagrammable Wedding, you can book a free consultation with Rosette Designs to find out more information! Alternatively, you can call us at 9669 4213 as well!

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