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Modern Indian Wedding in Singapore : Ideas & Inspiration

A modern Indian wedding might sound like an oxymoron – seeing as how traditions and Indian culture go hand in hand. The young desi millennial, however, wants to break free of the same old, and have a new spin on the idea of the big fat Indian wedding.

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Have Indian weddings changed over the years ?

modern indian wedding

Over the last few years , Indian weddings have seen a prominent shift. There are noticeable influences from the West while retaining the flavor & color that’s true to its origin.

Predominantly , we’ll address Hindu weddings in today’s post. This means we’ll explore the influence of both religion and culture on the event.

indian wedding Singapore

Is the Modern Indian Wedding a less grand version of the traditional event?

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Guest lists may be more select now than they were before. However, the modern Hindu wedding is in no way limited or less grand now. If anything, one sees more destination weddings today that are more reminiscent of a huge holiday with friends than a wedding.

At its helm, weddings are a huge celebration of life and love.

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Red isn’t the color of choice for most desi brides anymore

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Not so long ago, brides and red were almost synonymous with each other. Red symbolizes fertility brides favored it for centuries. Today, an increasing number of brides seem to prefer breaking free of tradition ( although there are still brides who prefer the classic red).

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Soft pastels like dusty pink, blush pink , peach , baby blue, and nudes are really in right now. A lot of brides in 2020 opted for these delicate colors. Softer pastels are going to be the rage in 2021 as well.

Modern Indian wedding = Modern Mandaps

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If you want to include a traditional mandap in your wedding there are a plethora of options – from a canopy style draping to any customizable design you can image – yes, even modern geometric shapes.

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Consider teepees, gazebo styles or even fire-free setups if you’re willing to experiment.

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Alternate color palettes are a like a breath of fresh air. For years, Indian weddings favored bright reds , oranges and yellows. If these are colors you love – go for it! Otherwise, softer colors look just as pretty.

Inspired by the West : Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

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Traditional Indian weddings don’t include “bridesmaids” like Western/Christian weddings do.

With the rise of Instagram and the need for good pictures, we’ve seen this tradition slowly being adopted in Indian weddings as well. Although the role of a bridesmaid here doesn’t include any symbolic duties, it does make for pretty pictures and helps the bride make her tribe feel special ( and vice-versa), so why not ?

Covid proof weddings – A memorable , meaningful celebration is still possible during such times

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Weddings are starting to look a little different since Covid hit the world in 2020. Though a lot has changed, (and this means quite a few regulations on weddings) the idea and meaning behind weddings remain.

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As wedding planners and stylists, we’re still creating beautiful weddings for our couples and we (the pictures are proof!) can attest to it that intimate, memorable weddings are still possible.

*The images used in this post are from a wedding we serviced on 23 Dec 2020 in a COVID world. All necessary precautions were taken and we used flower stands to segregate groups of 50. All decor was custom designed and styled for our couple.

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