Rosette : 13 years journey of my 40th years

From Hellen, Founder & Creative Director of Rosette Designs & Co

This month I turn 40. It is a significant milestone in my life, as well as for Rosette as it celebrates its 10th year anniversary this year. 5 years ago, I wrote a personal birthday post, which is a rarity as I hardly post personal blogs in the past 8 years. That post was read by a lovely lady, a mother who was at a junction in her life when she gave up her full-time job to be a full-time mom.

It touched her so deeply that she wrote to us to see if there was anything that she can do to help us so she could join our cause. After an interview, she joined us as logistic personnel. Today, she is one of our most valuable players, handling the logistics and HR. 5 years have passed since that blog and now we are at another junction of our growth.

In 5 years, many things happened including a global pandemic that shut down the entire world for a long period of time and prolonged separations. However, the years that were spent at home during the pandemic, forced me to reflect on the vision of the company. Rosette was born out of frustration during my wedding planning journey in 2010 when I noticed there is no creative wedding stylist and designer. Fast forward to 2023, there are many decorators, stylists, and creative people joining the wedding industry.

Why are we still here, 10 years later?

I know that I am not called just for weddings only…there is something deeper than the celebration

I grew up witnessing my parents in marital conflict. As a little girl, watching your parents quarrel and hurt each other with words or deeds, was very traumatizing. At one point, I even thought if I died, they would be better off without me.

I made a silent vow, not to marry the wrong person.

Fast forward to finally getting married. Winston is the perfect one for me. That doesn’t mean he is perfect, but he was is the perfect match for me. I prayed for a man who gives me wings and not a cage, and Winston gave me wings to start the blog We Love Laugh Kiss and eventually Rosette Designs & Co.

Along the journey of building Rosette, I came to the realization of why I am in this wedding industry. It is not just to do weddings, but to help couples enter into their marriage in a good & happy state. My passion is not weddings, but happy marriages through weddings.

  • Hence I know that I am not called for weddings only, but for marriages and relationships. *

The interesting fact is that weddings and marriage are interconnected and often viewed as separate entities. Couples are often busy preparing for their wedding, so maybe they some possibly neglected to prepare for their marriage. It pains us when we know one of our couples dissolved their marriage. It is albeit very very few cases, but there are it happens. Nobody starts a marriage thinking it will happen to them, but we who are married know the challenges are very real.

This year, finally we solidify our calling and our passion with our renewed vision :

To create memorable weddings for lasting marriages for the next generation.

For the past 10 years, we have been easing couples’ burdens on weddings and for the next 10 years, we are adding other resources for couples to prepare for their marriage with Marriage Preparation Courses and event lifestyles to celebrate the next milestones like baby showers and birthdays.

I am excited to see the momentum going and the people that God has brought into the team. This vision is too big for one person to handle, but with a team of like-minded and vision-driven individuals, we can do good to society by reducing the divorce rate and helping couples have lasting marriages so that the children will have a happy homes.

No pain is wasted and I am turning my pain into purpose.

What pain do you have in your life that you can turn into purpose?

If you feel drawn to our vision or you have your own pain that you would like to turn into purpose, do write your story to us at info@rosettedesigns.com

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