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Wedding Venue of the week : Shangri-La

Shangri-La is a classic option for holding weddings in Singapore. This is a heritage hotel and bankable brand name for most. The venue comes with a variety of facilities where couples can enjoy their wedding day.

In today’s post, we explore the different venues housed here. We also detail out the benefits of each one. Hopefully, you’ll find one that suits your needs best.


Interestingly, the ballrooms in Shangri-La are one of the most sought-after in Singapore. This could be attributed to the spaciousness, pillar less ballrooms and opulent lighting . Additionally, a plethora of decorations can be added here. Thereby, one can easily amp up the look and feel of the place.Voila! and thus it transforms into a wedding venue.


What are the spaces within Shangri-La where weddings can be held ?

Shangri-La has many different spaces for events and weddings :

They are ,

  • The Island Ballroom
  • The Banyan Deck
  • The Dutch Pavillion

Come, let’s take a closer look at each venue and the specific benefits that it offers :

Shangri-La ‘s Island Ballroom for large weddings


This ballroom holds up to 1000 pax. It is one of the largest ballrooms in Singapore. Furthermore, one of the striking features of this ballroom is that it has no pillars.

Obviously, this means a lot of advantages. Such as,

  • undisturbed view of the stage for all guests
  • large open space that can be transformed into a dance floor
  • and, great for photographers to capture images in both long and close shots, without any hindrances
Shangri-la wedding
Winter wonderland themed wedding that we styled

Like most ballrooms, Shangri -La comes with a basic food and decor package. In terms of decor, couples can expect table centerpieces and some stage decor available in different themes that come with your venue package.

Additionally, for any customization and specific decor, reach out to a stylist or wedding decorator. If you’re interested, you can enquire about our decor here.

shangri-la island ballroom

The Island Ballroom’s large size makes it ideal to style. One can explore many different themes according to their preferences.

Additionally, Shangri-la also offers another 15 rooms that you can book for various events.

Dutch Pavilion for a niche Colonial-style venue with a romantic feel

Clara and Ajit at Dutch Pavilion

Shangri-La’s Dutch Pavilion is a nod to Dutch architecture. Here you can bask in its elegant and romantic interiors. This venue is perfect for lunch or dinner. Further, it’s great if you’re considering an intimate gathering.

dutch pavilion wedding

Moreover, during times of restrictions in gatherings (such as now) this space is apt for a wedding. It looks luxuriant and has a dreamy feel to it. Fret not, even if you’re hosting a smaller gathering.

dutch pavilion wedding

The tastefully done interiors lend a serene ambience to the venue. Understandably, it’s a delight to hold any event in, especially weddings.

Outdoor solemnizations at Banyan Deck

banyan deck wedding
Via The Wedding Scoop

The Banyan Deck is just what it sounds like – it’s an open air, outdoor area that’s perfect for solemnizations. Housed in the gardens of Shangri-La , this could be the perfect venue for your outdoor solemnization.

Choose a garden / nature theme for your solemnization here. It blends well with the natural exteriors of this venue and gives your wedding a wholesome look.

banyan deck wedding

Shangri-La Hotels have been around for decades now and the brand name is a trust-worthy and bankable one. We’ve styled so many weddings in different themes here. Check out more photos below and here.

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shangri la island ballroom
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wedding table centerpiece

For wedding-related enquiries, book a complimentary consultation with our team here.

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